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General Ledger

The General Ledger accounting system consolidates financial data from other accounting subsystems in an accurate and timely manner. Major reports include Trial Balance. Income Statement, Balance Sheet, a user-defined report,

Accounts Receivable

The objective of a computerized A/R system is to prepare accurate and timely monthly statements to credit customers. Management can generate information required to control the amount of credit extended and the collection of money owed in order to maximize profitable credit sales while minimizing losses from bad debts. This system is invoice-oriented. Invoices can be entered before they're ready for billing, after billing, or even after they are paid. Accounts Receivable allows entry of new invoices, credit memos, debit memos, or modi-

Order Entry

The Order Entry Module was designed as a supplement to the Accounts Receivable Module, and will not operate independently. This system allows you to add, change, delete, list and print invoices; apply an invoice to correct customer account; generate computer assigned invoice numbers; note type (invoice credit memo, debit memo): record customer order number, invoice date, shipping date. FOB location, method of shipping, salesman, and payment terms; print selected number of shipping labels; enter, display and correct 10 lines of data per invoice, noting the part number, description, price, quantity

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable system receives data concerning purchases from suppliers and produces checks in payment of outstanding invoices Several reports are available to supply information needed for the analysis of payments, expenses, purchases and cash requirements. The Accounts Payable system is invoice-oriented. It handles new invoices, credit memos and even debit memos and allows modification and deletion of invoices. The flexible check calculation procedures allows checks to be calculated for a set of vendors; specific vendors


Payroll involves many complex calculations and the production of reports and documents, many of which are required by government agencies. The Payroll system performs all necessary payroll tasks including file maintenance, pay data entry and verification, computation of pay and deduction amounts, and the


Status reports and minimum reorder reports help to reduce the potential hazard of overstocking which results in cash flow problems. Program selection allows the user to store data for inventory located at up to five separate sites (divisions).


S.B.S.G. has created the first completely user-configurable accounting system available for the TRS-80'".

User configurable? Each S.B.S.G. General Accounting System Module (except Order Entry) can be operated independently, or any of the modules can be combined in any configuration, providing a complete, coordinated system to fit the needs of your business.

The S.B.S.G. System allows you the maximum efficient use of available disk space. Each module will run on a standard I disk drive system (except for Model 1 systems, which require 2 drives). As you add more disk drives to your system, the amount of on line data storage increases. Now here's an important fact

the S.B.S.G. General Accounting System "spans'' your disk drives - that means that you can instantly access your data on any of up to 8 disk drives at any time! Since your S.B.S.G. Accounting System is user-configurable, it will work with 1, 2, 3, 4 or more disk drive systems -• and it is fully compatible with most hard disk drive systems (at additional cost).

and more. All data is maintained and reported by month, quarter, year and previous three quarters. Transactions may be entered via direct posting and external posting generated by A/R, A/P. Payroll - or any other user source.

fication or deletion invoice and allows for progress payment. The transaction information includes: type of A/R transaction. P.O. r. description of P.O., billing date, general ledger sales account invoice amount, shipping and transportation charges, tax charges, payment, and progress payment information. Reports include: summary or detail listing of invoices not yet billed, open items (unpaid invoices), closed items (paid invoices), and aging. Statements may be printed at any time and follow the format of nationally available forms.

ordered, extension, taxable or not. It also allows the user to enter, display and correct invoice totals, noting the invoice subtotal, taxes, shipping and handling, with disbursement up to 5 General Ledger accounts; print a transaction report; maintain a terms code file in the system; update Account Receivable and generate summary report totals. It automatically coordinates to the Inventory Module (if used) to determine description, price and out of stock status, and to immediately deplete inventory stock. Price fields are easily modified to include percent or dollar discount.

or even specific invoices. The reports include open item listings and closed item listings (both detail and summary), debit and credit memo listings, aging, check register report (to give an audit trail of checks printed), and vendor listing and vendor activity. Update reports are useful for audit trails and checking for accuracy. Checks may be printed at any time and follow the format of nationally available forms.

printing of reports and checks. State and Federal Tax changes are easily implemented by the user via menu prompting. In its link to General Ledger, each employee's payroll information is distributed to as many as 12 different GL accounts; system automatically posts to cash account.

coding up to 9 sales people. Available reports include inventory master list, price listings, period and year-to-date sales, stock status, minimum reorder point and commission information.

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