Disk Inventory System Model

DISK INVENTORY for the Model III allows you to keep track of your disks .permanently! This Menu Driven indexed utility lets you search through up to 99 disks (4752 diskfiles) in 1 second and display or print them alphabetically by name, extension or disk number. Printer driver has built in page numbers & spacing in all modes and a unique Disk Jacket labeling feature. MODEL III i ^l ¿r^ DISK $29.95

AUTOMATIC MENU SYSTEM MOD III AUTOMENU for the Model 111 is more than just an automatic menu system. Just power up and AUTOMENU takes over with a complete menu I to Execute. Load or List Programs & j Command files or enter Debug, Basic or System with a single keystroke Ideally suited tor office use. " ^f W MODEL III DISK $15.95

16K RAM $15.99

Premium 16K 200 Ns RAM for TRS 80 Model lll/l computers. Includes ram test & instructions ONE YEAR GUARANTEE (Model 1 owners add $2 for dip shunts)

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