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model iii dosplus ready now! That's right! DOSPLUS 3.3for the MODEL III isavailable now. We have our MODEL III, and now you can have our DOS. All the great features of our popular MODEL I DOS, plus Single or Double Density Operation. The best gets better! Order now, and soon your MODEL III will be all the computer it can be. Experience excellence. Experience DOSPLUS.

dosplus! The flagship of the Micro-Systems line. This is the BEST disk operating system currently available. It offers you all the features you could ever use, speed, reliability, and much more! Full support of variable length records. No more internal errors during file handling due to poorly written operating systems. Allows use of ISAM technique. Supports 35-80 track drives. The two operating systems are basically the same. However, Dosplus 3.4D willoperate double density. The double density DOS has some differences peculiar to double density operation. Both systems offer DOS commands from BASIC, BASIC renum, and BASIC program compressor. DOS utilities include a sector display/modify program, a utility to purge files, AND a utility to restore purged or killed files. Free space map ana the most comprehensive directory on the market. Try it and you'll never use anything else. All this and much more for only $149.95 either system.

THE ORIGINAL DOSPLUS contains all of the following features

Radio Shack compatibility Error free variable length records Full lower case detection and support Repeating keyboard with NO keybounce EVER Shift {0] typewriter keyboard option Execute only protection feature for BASIC programs Automatic track support for 35 through 80 track drives (mixed) Device I/O handling with FORCE command Supports high speed clock modification (up to 4.0mhz) Supports mixed mode (single & double density) automatically Allows disable-enable to break key

Allows user to define step rate per drive and re-configure system disk Allows for efficient use of double-headed drives Built in screen printer (shift [CLEAR] with [BREAK] key abort Multiple command chaining with "DO" Built in memory test with CLEAR command

New printer driver which allows complete forms control and paging Automatic serial printer driver with optional auto linefeed Execute any DOS command from BASIC and return to BASIC Free space map of diskette with optional output to printer Copy with variable length files

Complete RS232 control from keyboard with status check

Create and pre-allocate files from DOS

Display current date and time from DOS

More information from Directory with optional printer output

Enter DEBUG with shift [BREAK] to allow use of [BREAK] from BASIC

New DISKDUMP/CMD sector display/modify program (works with filespecs)

New DtSKZAP/CMD single/double density disk editor

New BACKUP (more reliable, no more pack ID check)

New FORMAT (more reliable, no need to bulk erase disk first)

New MAP utility (maps out disk, showing where files are located)

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