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StatPac is a new 3-part program written and designed for research, survey and questionnaire processing, data entry, statistical analysis, management and market analysis. StatPac can be easily tailored to fit your needs because you create the data file format. All phases of research analysis can be processed, including:

•frequency analysis «descriptive statistics

•correlation and linear regression »analysis of variance

• multiple linear regression »management reports

StatPac eliminates the need for expensive programming or renting time on large mainframe computers because it is the SPSS for the TRS-80's.

Total Package, including an extensive step-by-step user's manual is $285.00. Manual may be purchased separately for $30.00 (may be applied to the purchase price of the disks). MasterCard and Visa accepted.

Write or call for a FREE 16 page brochure (612) 866-9022.

•siatPaéi Walonick Associates, Inc. Jlgg-A 5624 Girard Ave. So.

Minneapolis, MN 55419

"Absolutely the best statistical analysis package I've seen for a microcomputer. ..." Eugene Allred, President of Consolidated Data Services, Minneapolis, MN.

microcomputing the only major journal for the users of the TRS-80*, a sure bet for getting the computer enthusiast' into your store. Once through the door you can sell him anything.

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