Microcomputing Reviews July

SPECIAL DELIVERY is the best mail list processor available for the TRS-80, just ask our customers! Use Special Delivery to maintain your mailing list with fill-in-the-form ease. You create, edit, sort, extract, and otherwise manipulate your mailing list with the speed and ease of use possible only in 100% machine language software. Special Delivery will merge data from the mail list into a letter created by your own text editor (Scripsit, Electric Pencil, etc.) to generate a "personalized form ietter" to any or all names in the list. Print free form mailing labels, envelopes, even legal documents! Print any character (including escape codes) your printer is capable of printing! Boldface and underscore is supported for most printers, now including the Daisy Wheel II!

SPECIAL DELIVERY includes: MAIL FORM: data entry at its best, just fill in the form! Sort, extract, page forward and back, insert/ delete, more!

MAILRITE: print letters, etc. created with your editor while inserting text from your MAILFORM list. SEVERAL printer drivers (EDAS source code as well as /cmd files), and letter and list samples to get you started.

XTRA! SPECIAL DELIVERY includes: EVERYTHING in regular SPECIAL DELIVERY. Enhanced MAILRITE: with the ability to print variable text from a "KEY" file (greatly expanding the capacity of each record in your list). MAILABEL: 1, 2, 3, or 4 across label printer. MAILSORT: will sort by any field, a full 40 track double density data diskette (over 1500 names) in only 48K!

ZIPSORT: sorts on zip only, but will handle over 4500 names!

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