Occ Manufacturing Inventory Control

Features: Bill of Material 'Explosion' maintains inventories in up to 10 levels of sub-assemblies and/or components. Allocates and relieves raw materials based on input of production schedules and completions thru the bill of Materials Explosion Update and Prints Bill of Materials Cost Report. All or selected ranges of assemblies are 'Exploded' into the lowest level components; quantities and unit prices are extended for each component to give a unit cost for the entire assembly. Prints Inventory Exception Report and Suggested Purchase Orders. Automatically interfaces to OCC A/R , Billing and Inventory Control and OCC Order Entry Systems.

Model II 995.00

All OCC Software is supplied with user oriented manuals that include easy user installation instructions. OCC Software is written In Radio Shack Basic and runs under TRSDOS. OCC Software uses Keyed Sequential Access Method (KSAM) File structure, Binary searches and fast Machine Language Sorts to insure the fastest possible execution. OCC's Exceptional Screen Control Format makes data entry as easy as filling out a form. Related OCC Software packages interface to form complete MENU DRIVEN Accounting systems.

If you have a serious business application then you should consider OCC Software. Call for a complete description of any of OCC's Business Packages.

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