Verbatim S Premium Diskettes


Seven data-shielding improvements mean greater durability and longer data life. These individually, 100% error-free certified diskettes feature thicker oxide coating, longer-lasting lubricant, improved liner, superior polishing and more! Meets or exceeds IBM. Shugart. ANSI, ECMA and ISO standards. VERBATIM DATALIFE™ DISKETTES 5% inch (box of 10)

MD525 01 $26.95


Double Density, FD34-8000 $43.95


HUB RING KIT for 8" disks $12.95

CLEANING KIT for 51/«" drives $24.95

8-inch diskette case $3.95

5 1/4-inch File Box for 50 diskettes $24.95

8 inch File Box for 50 diskettes $29.95

TRS 80 is a trademark of the Radio Shack Division of Tandy Corporation DATALIFE is a trademark of VERBATIM PLAIN JANE AIDS-I AIDS III. CALCS III CALCS IV. MERGE III are trademarks of MTC 1981 by Metatechnologies Corporation. Inc

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