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programs and data on either side of a diskette. Greater Storage Capacity

Store 180 Kbytes — formatted — on one side of a 40-track TFD drive. Store over twice as much on a TFD 80-track drive. Think Megabytes — Your TFD drive controller will handle up to four drives. You can access almost 1.5 million bytes of on-line program and data files. Either Add-in or Add-On — Your TFD First Drive System can be either internal (add-in) or external (add-on). In either case, you get a complete system including the disk controller, drive, power supplies and disk-operating software. BASIC-Language DOS — Included on diskette with each First Drive System is Percom's OS-8O/IH1". This easy-to-use disk-operating system loads into 7 Kbytes of RAM and then frees the drive for other use. With OS-80,M programs, you can have full, read-write interchangeability between Model I and Model 111 diskettes. Or Model III TRSDOS* — TFD 40 track drives work with Tandy's Model III TRSDOS. without modification. For 80-track operation. TRSDOS can be easily modified with diskette patches supplied

Besides greater storage capacities, more quality control measures and lower prices. all Percom Model 1 drives are rated for double-density operation.

Plug a DOUBLF.R " in your Expansion Interface and enjoy the same double-density disk storge capacity as Model III owners Included with each DOUBLFR is a TRSDOS compatible double density disk-operating system. DOUBLEZAP programs are available for upgrading other popular DOSs for DOUBLER opera tion. And our double-density version of OS-8O'" costs just $49.95.

Of course you don't have to upgrade your Model I for double-density operation to use Percom disk drives. But it's nice to know you can.

Percom TFD drives for the TRS 80* Model 1 are available in 40-, 77- and 80-track versions, in 1-, 2- and 3-drive configurations. Prices start at $399.00

System requirements: Model III TFD drives work with a 16-Kbyte system (min) and Model III BASIC The initial drive must be a first drive system. An optional interconnecting cable is available for expand ing with external drives #3 and #4 Model I TFD drives work with a 16-Kbyte system (min) equipped with an Expansion Interface, Level II BASIC and DOS software, and an interconnecting cable Two and four-drive interconnecting cables are available from Percom.

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