THE Encyclopedia for the TRS-80*

YES, please reserve for me a complete set of the first ten volumes ol the Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 _ _ I want to go first class so send me the deluxe hardbound COLLECTOR'S EDITION—a $199 50 value tor $164.00 postpaid. A total savings of $34 95 over the single volume price! (Order EN8100) Send me the "blue collar" softcover edition—the same information at a substantially lower price, a $109 50 value lor $83 00 postpaid! A total savings ol $25 95 over the single volume price' (Order EN8080) YES, | WANT TO START MY ENCYCLOPEDIA COLLECTION NOW!

Volume 1 of the deluxe hardcover COLLECTOR'S EDITION (EN8101) $19 95" Volume 1 of the Softcover edition (EN8081) $10.95* •

_Volume 2 of the deluxe hardcover COLLECTOR S EDITION (EN8102I $19.95''

Volume 2 of the Softcover edition (EN8082) $i0 95* *

"(Please enclose $1 50 per volume for shipping and handling All volumes will be shipped UPS it the rot: > t" street address is provided; otherwise shipment is by 4th class book rate ) Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Payment enclosed

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80 Microcomputing, Pine St.. Peterborough, NH 03458

•TRS-80 is a trademark

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