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"1981 DATA RESOURCES CORP TRS-80* IS A TRADEMARK OF TANDY CORP Prices in effect Sept. 1. 1981 to Sept. 30, 1981 and subiect to changes AIDS III,* CALCS III.' MERGE III " ARE TRADEMARKS OF METATECHNOl.OGIES

80 Microcomputing, September 1981 • 17

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If you could take a survey, I think you might find that the majority of TRS-80Cs in the field are being used for game playing, probably with ROM-paks, and for this, they are very fast and very well adapted. Maybe that's why you're not getting feedback from the readers.

Bruce Dingwall Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Music Made Easy

The article "The Color Computer—An Inside Look" was certainly a boon to all Color Computer owners who, as I am, are going through the "almost no software" syndrome at this early stage in the machine's life.

Those few CC owners with whom I have talked await this sort of article, because it gives them something with which to play. Needless to say, Messrs. Martel and Nicholas gave many of us hours of enjoyment.

In particular, the "Music-Music-Music" program was great. However, it does not address the problem of the programmer who wants music within another program. Considering the overhead required to run

"Music-Music-Music," it doesn't make sense to include it as a part of another program.

The answer is to try something else—a program that converts the notation in "Music-Music-Music" to sound commands, and then the writing of a simple subroutine to play the music.

To make this all work, simply load "Music-Music-Music" and enter the notes as instructed. Then, save the notes to tape using the program.

The next step is to add listing 1:

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