Trs Tape Digitizer

At last there is a cure for TRS80 tape cloading blues. For almost three years. Alphanetics has been selling the TRS-80 Tape Digitizer, a proven hardware solution for your software problems. No longer need you juggle the recorder's volume control endlessly, trying for a perfect cload of a pre-recorded program. Just pop the tape into the cassette recorder, process the signal through our digitizer, and you're ready to RUN a perfect load1

Just check out the Tape Digitizer's features

• Makes tape program loading virtually independent of Volume control setting

• Allows coovino svstem & normal taDes without usmo comouter

• Makes a perfect <*gital copy of any tape, without using computer, removing hum. noise, and cures minor dropouts

• Cassette switch allows manual control of cassette recorder, independent of computer control

• Good Data'' indicator easily enables selling proper volume doubles as a tape monitor.

• AC powered-no batteries to replace

• Housed in a sturdy, attractive metal case

• Completely compatable with level I & II

Just leed your cassette to the Alphanetics Tap« Digitizer and feed your computer the exact digital waveform the TRS-80 gave your tape! Get rid of your tape bugs today - $64.95 postpaid or return within 10 days lor a full refund!


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