TRS-80 Model I/III and PMC-80 16K & up

012-0120 DISK $29.95

Trs-80 Model I — 32K and up Disk supplied on protected media

On any LANDBASE CENTRAL • in any part of the known universe • on any morning • a very meaty looking craft can be seen standing with its control console visible: waiting. If one watches for a while, a figure in unique garb will approach the console of his Combat Computer, insert his pilot record and begin yet another journey into the deep dark reaches of space . .. The SC-78503 STARFIGHTER craft is the most sophisticated ship known to man. You, as its pilot, are instructed that the current state of relations with the Petro Resource Conglomerate is a state of war. As such, you are charged with ridding the galaxy of dreaded P.R.C. craft, to Insure life as we know it in the Solar Galactic Authority.

A STARFIGHTER tour of duty lasts anywhere from twenty minutes to six hours. You must track down, and identify craft. LANDBASE CENTRAL frowns on destruction of friendly craft. Identification is critical — STAR PIRATES and MARAUDERS frequently disguise themselves as friendly craft. Only by monitoring their movements and learning their habits can you hope to survive. Once identified as a foe, the dogfight can begin.

You start out as a NEW PILOT, hoping after many hours of play to reach the coveted rank of STAR LORD. (As a NEW PILOT, you also have access to the enclosed SC-78503 Training Simulator, which can help you to hone your identifying and fighting abilities.) Destruction of enemy craft can be used for consideration for promotion, or in trade for bounty necessary to keep you in Hypercharge and Maneuvering fuel. Your SC-78503 STARFIGHTER induction package includes two cassette tapes (one for Main Mission -one for the SC-78503 Simulator) or one self-booting disk. Also included is the top secret STARFIGHTER induction manual • 32 pages in length, which will guide you step by step through your initiation into this fascinating new world. ... The pilot leaving duty will head for LANDBASE CENTRAL to tally and clear his craft hit record. Review complete, he inserts his record tape (or disk) and records his precious Action File. File in hand, he steps out of his craft • glad for earth between his feet - but anxious for his next chance at STARFIGHTER duty. Meanwhile, the SC-78503 sits - waiting for some VETERAN or NEW PILOT to slide behind its console and sift stars for the denizens of the P.R.C. . . ._

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