Quality Assurance System

This is a complete system which will allow you to ask your own questions, set your own standards, and do your own testing on just about any product, process, or service. Information about standards, last product tested or accumulated product testing can be listed or printed quickly. Data entry and editing is fast and easy to learn because it incorporates all the features of our Input Subroutine (above).

Requires 48K, lor more disk. (Recommended Dos: DOSPLUS) Quality Assurance System (Model I / III): $79.00 Manual only: $10.00

PICOTRIN TECHNOLOGY, INC. ^474 3531 San Castle Blvd. Lantana, Fl. 33462 (305) 586-2377 Specify your complete computer system when ordering. Write for more information. Fl. residents add sales tax.

Storm Coming?

How many times have your plans revolved around the weather? Now you can turn your TRS-80 into a weather forecaster, and stop getting caught in the rain!!

CLIMATE-COMP was created by National Weather Service Meterologist, author and editor David Carman.

THE WEATHER FORECASTER program will give you a short range forecast for your area. Enter a few simple measurements, easily obtained from newspapers or the U.S. Weather Service, to receive a short range forecast for the next six hours.

THE WEATHER PLOT program is the result of years of carefully collected data. At your command are records, charts, graphs, facts and figures on local weather for every major city in the United States. Choose your area of the country and the data files will release a flood of information. Each city is listed with its monthly rainfall, monthly and yearly average temperature, average wind speed, snowfall, heating and cooling degree days, annual average sunshine, humidity and record-breaking temperatures.

CLIMATE COMP for all the information you need to know what the weather has in store for you.

Cassette based: system requires 16K, level II, Pkg. no. 0102R $19.95. Disk based: system requires 32K one disk drive, Pkg. no. 0316RD $24.95.

TO ORDER: Contact your local Instant Software dealer. If these programs are unavailable, call toll-free

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