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' TRS-80 il t IrjHemjtk of Tandy Corp.


INVENTORY CONTROL AND INVOICING (Small Business Grouo) an extensive business system 'or the serious user can be used one module at a lime or as a coo-dinated system $199.95 per module $1199 95 for the complete system *

2) MASTER PAC 100 '00 essential programs BUSINESS PERSONAL FINANCE STATISTICS MATH GAMBLING GAMES includes '?*> page manua1 and 5 diskettes


«) INFORMATION SYSTEM (The Bottom Shel'l An m-memo'y information system 'or small mai ng lists, iventcnes ¡1 e books, articles records program reference files). Can be used for anything "nat yoj would use rolodex or rdex card files Up to ten user del re fields Programmable pnrtouts lor rolodex cards mailing labels, etc Win identity a I records that contain a gioup ol characters you've entpred even if that group is in tile middle ot a 'ine Sorts data oase by any field $49.50*

5) DATA MANAGER II (Ihc Bottom SbelM RANDOM ACCESS Dis< basec DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTFM (Similiar to INFORMATION SYSlfcM above But RANDOM ACCESS STORAGE expands the amount of storage space available; Used to replace index cards for medium sized mail lists, Deisonne1 records sales prospects, etc Jses up to 'our disk drives on line uo to twenty user defined fieids. programmable pr ntouts fo- rolocex cards etc will identify all records that contain a group of cha-acters you ve entered even if t*-at group is in the middle o' a lire maintain up to ;> changeable presorted ney' files var ab'e length random records (the smaller the record you define the more records yu con store! $99.95*

6) BUSINESS MAIL SYSTEM ¡The Bottom Shef'l Handles large mailing ists (up to tbO.OOO -ames; . supports 3 or 4 ine addresses f les ajtomatically in rip code order, a'phaoetical within zip coce formats for 1 to 4 across mai'mq labels supports quick disk location of single or multiple names meets ail industry and postal standards numeric code fields included for printing selected records $125.00'

7) ANALYSIS PAO 'The Bottom Shelf) A Columnar Calculator 'or fwancal analysis, line item budget ng cost analysis, sales analysis and a'most any tinanciaf function iand mary statist'ca' 'unci ons) ere are matr xcso'29* 39 make all en'nes at one tme either by row or column aod delete move or swi'ch columns and rows edit any data f'om f jll screen display add subtract, multiply and divide one column ay anolher and put results n designated column (up to s x ca cjlanons can be mace and placed in des gnated co'umn) define co'umns as co">-sta-ts save calculations and fo'mulas on disk results can De printed in a variety o' reporl formats $99.95*

8) CHECKBOOK li (The Bottom Shelf) A complete in memory checkboo«. balarcmq anc recorcill ation program five column keyboard input with 5 characters for check number. 16

recorcill ation prograr for oayee. 4 fcr code numerical sort 'outine

9) CHECK REGISTER ACCOUNTING SYSTEM ¡The Bottom Shelf) A complete random access checkbook system . set and define up to 60 accounts with as many income accounts 3S you choose complete checxboox balancing and reconciliation single entiy input where transactioncan he dispersed over several accounts enables user fo make a 6* character note on each transaction print out your own check after data entry printsmonthlysummariesof each accoun* witn month and year to date totals create a suspense Me to remind you of coming expenses Reports generated included Check Register (for any rronth). notes to Chec\ Register. Income/fcxpense Distribution Report. Statement of Selected Accounts. Bank Peconci'e Statement, Suspense f-ile and Full Account Distribution Statement $74.95*

(10) LIBRARY 100 (The Bottom Shelf) 100 Programs on a broad range of topics Finance Education ..Graphics Pome Games CASSETTE VERSION $49.50 DISK VFRSION $74.95

(11) ADVENTURE (by Scott Adams) A series of games (for ages 10-99) . wander through enchanted wor'ds seeking treasures 1 Adventuretand ? Pirate's Adventure 3 M.ssion impossible Adventure 4 Voodoo Castle 5 The Count .6 Strange Odyssey 7 Mystery Fun House 6 Pyramid of Doom. 9 Ghost Town (»1 and »2 recommended for the movie adventure) Each adventure $14.95 [)on cassette) D.skette versions sold in groups of three at $39 95 pe- three programs (#1 - #3 #4 - »6 »7 - »9)

(12) HORSF SELECTOR II (Dr Hal Oa^is) New simplified version of the original Horse Selector (for flats!. The first Horse Selection System to actually calculate the estimated o*'s for each horse easy to follow rules uses 4 factors (speed rating track variant, distance of the present rare, distance of the last race! calculated estimated odds ... FREE DUTCHING TABi FS allows oetting on 2 or more horses with a guaranteed profit $50 00

(13) MON-3 «nd MON-4 (Howe Software) Powerful utility orograms enaalinq you to interact directly With your TRS-80 in MACHINE LANGUAGE The monitor comes with complete 40-page instruction manual making it usefuHor both the beginner and advanced programmer .. simple commands make it easy to use functions include DISPLAY DISASSEMBLE. MOVE and COMPARE. SEARCH. MODIFY RELOCATE. PRINT. READ and WRITE. UNLOAD SAVE and READ INPUT and OUTPUT. SEND and RECEIVE. MON-3 $39 95 (for cassette). MON-4 $49.95 Cor disk).

(14) SMART TERMINAL «Howe Software) to a time sharing computer system enables your TRS B0 to be used as a remote terminal

(15) FAST SORT (Howe Software) a series of machine-language subroutines to sort data from BASIC p'oyiums data may oe alphabetic (string) or numeric easily rterlaced with your BASIC programs (no machine language knowledge IS necessary) $9 95

(16) MAILING LIST (Howe So'tware* maintains mailing lists of Over 1000 names commands allow adding, changing deleting. ar.U hnding names Sorting is done in machine language subroutine labe's prirled in 1 2 or 3 columns $69 95

(17) HOME BUDGET (Howe Software) combines the maintenance of your checkbook with ana ysis o' your income, expenses and monthly bills Handles data mcludinq bms, income, deposits checks and debits to your checking account and casn expenses Computes checkbook balance list of unpaid bills monthly and year-to-date summai its of income and expenses showing income tax deductions All output printed on video d splay ot line primer . comes with complete instructions manua $49.95*

(18) SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTING (Howe Software) Based on Ihe DOME BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM keeps '.rack of all income, expenditures and uayroll for a small business of up to 16 emoloyees .. income and expenditures can be entered on a daily, weekly or monthly basts., computes monthly and year to date totals manual conta.ns complete instrucitons tor customization Cassette version $29.95 Diskette version $49 95

(19) HEM03EL-PROLOAD (Racet Coop jtes) Renumber program lines movtf»talfimentsfrom one part of a orogram to another $34 95

(20) GSF (Racet Computes) Lightning fast in-memory machinc language sort utility that can be made part ol your BASIC progams without any rrachnc language knowledge includes severa' other utilities to speed up your BASIC programs no machine knowledge necessary to use GSF in your f)ASIC programs $30 00

(21) DOSORT (Rauet Computes) on multiple disk drives includes GSF (above)

extends the in memory sort to sorts $45.00*

(22) COPSYS iRscet Computes) allows the user to make copies o) machines language cassettes without any know edge of machine language $20.00

(23) COMRPOC (Racct Computes) ... an auto load program tor disk usprs allows the user to insert a diskette into their MOD-MI and have the computer tak<? over all loading, load a machine language program. BAS'C. RUN ace'tainprogram all without pressing a smgleoutton allows your compute' to per'orm 10. 20 30 or more f.inctions without pressing a single button $30.00*

(24) INFINE BASIC (Racet Computes) adds a variety of machine language subroutines to your BASIC programs (without any machine language knowledge) fast sons. ..matrix operations compress and uncompress da'a and more $60.00

(25) INFINITE BUSINESS (Hacei Computes), an add on package to INFINITE BASIC adds a variety of rout nes important to the businessman (increase accuracy of calculations and more)

(26) DMS (Racet Computes)., information lightning fast machine language sort ..sorts up to 4 disk drives ot

(27) BLINK (Racet Comoutcs) allows you to RUN new programs without losing the var abies stoxd in your previous program line many programs together without losing important variables $30.00*

(28) KFS-8C (Racet Computes) now you can use ISAM (Index Sequential Access Files) on your MOD-ttl using ISAM in your BASIC programs allows instant access of your items in your data files use with mail programs inventory programs etc. $100.00*

(29) MAIL LIST (Racet Comuutes) . access * FOR DISK ONLY

all routines are in machine language allowing tor quick



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