A strategic and tactical battle game that allows you, with your computer's assistance, to pit your skill and dexterity against another player and their computer in a real time battle to the death!

You and your opponent are located in a 4096 square kilometer combat reservation with exactly the same resources available to each, the outcome will be governed by the skills of each player and a little luck. As soon as you have established serial communications with your enemy (110 to 9600 baud modem or direct connection), the battle is joined. You decide which weapons to carry, load them onto and manuever up to eight remote controlled tanks with the primary goal of finding and destroying your enemy's base before he can do the same to you. Each enemy tank that you can defeat in combat lessens his chances of finding you.

Offensive and defensive weapons available to you include: Rockets, Lasers, Shells, Mines, Decoys, Drone Reconnasiance Aircraft and one Nuclear ICBM. All but the last two items may be loaded onto, carried by and fired or dropped by your tanks, up to their maximum load carrying capacity.

Your computer displays current resource status, a map of the combat reservation updated by tank, base and decoy sensors and handles all communication chores, freeing you to make the strategic decisions and prosecute the tactical battle situations that arise.

COMMBAT requires as a minimum a computer system with RS-232 port and a 300 baud full duplex modem, or if the combatants are to be located within 300 feet of each other, a modem eliminator cable in lieu of the modems.

by Bob Schilling


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