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Is your printer capable of underlining but not from Scripsit?

Is your printer capable of Bold Printing but not from Scripsit?

Can your printer su^er script and ^ script but not from Scripsit?

Can your printer change pitches but not from Scripsit?

The answer Is SCRIPMOD

SCRIPMOD does not require a separate printer driver. With SCRIPMOD control codes can be embedded in the test of your document. You use the same format line syntax you're used to now. SCRIPMOD adds one format instruction to Scripsit & two control codes.

>C = N J = N CC = H The above line tells SCRIPMOD to justify text and to backspace the printer upon encountering a Text Character in the document. The Text Character is entered by placing the cursor at the place in text where the control code is to take place and typing on @T Of course your printer must be capable of backspacing and must use the ASCII code 8 (or H) as the control for backspace. If the code is something different there is no problem as the correct code may always be sent. Any control code your printer is capable of using from 1 to 31 with or without an ESCAPE lead in many be sent.

The second control code which is added in the MENU command. You press an @M and the screen clears and prompts you to select a drive from 0 through 3 or return to the text. All visible files can be displayed on the screen at this time. When you select to return to the text, the cursor is placed on the exact character it was on when you selected (& M

The minimum system required for SCRIPMOD is the Mod I 32K disk system with either the RS lower case mod or the EP lower case mod.

SCRIPMOD is supplied on disk with full documentation for $39.95.

PENCIL-FIX Save your warranty. Use PENCIL-FIX to avoid custom control key on your keyboard. Redefines the control key for EP to be the (a key. Use RS lower case mod or the EP mod without the control key. Disk based EP only . . $14.95

PRilMT-CENTRAL Send any control code directly to your smart printer from the BASIC command mode or from DOS. Avoid having to type such things as "LPRINT CHR$(31) just to change pitch. Use CLEAR right arrow (two key strokes) instead. Any code from 1 to 31 may be sent. Mod I 32K disk . . $24.95

SPOOL-REL An in-memory print buffer that runs in Mod I 32K or 48K disk systems. Fully relocatable code and buffer. A true background spooler at an unbelievably low price . $24.95

TIGGER-GRAF Create engineering, scientific, business, or just plain fun on your IDS 440G or 460G printer. Resolution is 495 x 575. Easy BASIC programs provided for data entry and machine language module for speed. Includes setting individual points, drawing lines, shading shapes. Several graphs may be catenated along the Y-axis for larger graphs. Requires Mod I 32 or 48K 1 disk . . $149.95

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