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This mailing list program maintains separate alphabetical and zip code files in constant sort. When you add a name to your list, it will automatically be inserted into its correct position in the files; therefore it's always ready to print labels!

It will record your information in these fields: NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP, PHONE NUMBER. PHONE EXTENSION and a five character CODE field. You have the choice of a 3 line 4 line, or user defined label format. It can even include (optionally) a message line on your label!

The programs most outstanding feature is its sorting capabilities. Mail/List allows you to choose which names you want to be printed from the whole list. For example, all people in one zip code, or all people named Jones, who are living in a particular city or state. For any name in your list you can assign a code within the CODE field. You can then specify the code when printing labels, and only names with that code will be printed out. You can specify up to 9 different codes!

Every business and organization will save time and money with Mail/list to keep track of customers or members.

TRS-80 Model I version, Order No. 5000RD $99.00.

Requires 16K RAM, Expansion Interface with at least 16K RAM, one disk-drive and a printer. TRS-80 Model II version, Order No.5001RD $199.00.

Requires 64K RAM and printer.

TO ORDER: See Your Local Instant Software Dealer or Call Toll-Free 1-800-258-5473.

Here is a mailing list system that can be run on only ONE disk-drive! You can have up to 17 fields of selection for name/address retrieval. •Disk versatility allows you to add, delete, or change the numerous details stored in the system.

•Features of the One-D Mailing List includes: •Automatic name sort (alphabetically or by ZIP code). »Rapid access to any name on file. «Easy error correction and recovery. »Prints selective name listings. Revise or update listings at any time. *Up to 2500 names on-line (with 4 drives). »Prints a list of all names on file. »Prints mailing labels. This package requires the following minimum system: 1. A TRS-80 Model I Level II microcomputer with 16K RAM. 2. An Expansion interface with 0 to 32K of RAM. 3. A single disk drive (extra drives optional). 4. A printer. 5. Any TRSDOS compatible Disk Operating System. Order No. 0123RD $24.95.

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