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A deluxe operating system that provides big computer facilities at small computer prices. MP/M is a monitor program which operates with your microcomputer to provide multi-terminal access with multiprogramming at each terminal. Best of all, it's CP/M compatible which means you can run a wide variety or programming languages, applications packages, and development software.

You can run simultaneous editors, program translators, and background printer spoolers. Or you can use MP/M for data entry or data-base access from remote terminals. Or you can use MP/M realtime features to monitor an assembly line and automatically schedule programs for execution throughout the day. MP/M makes an excellent focal point for a cluster of connected microcomputers. The possibilities are limitless.

•CP/M and MP/M are trademarks o( Digital Research. ZOO is a trademark of Zilog. Inc. TRS-80 is a trademark of Tandy Corp. Pascal/M is a trademark of Sorcim.

• DESPOOL — Allows flexibility and efficiency. (Disk file printing can be accomplished while

. simultaneously using the computer for cither (IVl) tasks) Slower printers do not tie up the com puter. Requires 32K minimum .. .. $75/$10

• SCREEN EDIT - Text editor for.program entry — allows user the ability to see entries as they are being made. Has command which enables user to move the viewed position of the file anywhere within the current data file OR add information anywhere in the file. Requires

16K minimum $125/$25

(Also available in TRS DOS format. Specify model or TRS-80)

• MAC — Disk-based, powerful macro assembler utilizes Standard Intel Mnemonics. Includes macro processor.

The CPM 8080 Macro Assembler reads assembly language statement from a diskette file and produces an Intel "HEX" format object file on the disk suitable for processing in the TRS-CP.'M environment. Requires 32K minimum and CP/M $100/525

• ZS1D — Efficient and reliable program testing system for Z80 microcomputers. Capabilities include traceback and histogram facilities. Allows real time break points. ZSID is a symbolic debugger which expands upon the features of the TRS-CP. M standard debugger, providing greatly enhanced facilities for assembly language program check-out. Requires 32K minimum and CP/M $99,$25

No sorting required to print normal address la-' bels in zip code sequence. Supports new larger zip code. Sorts and selects on multiple fields. Labels may be printed in user selectable formats. Included sort and select utilities $300/$35


iumr basic-bo - Disk Extended SASIC. ANSI compatible i •< n v with long variable names. WHILE/WENb. chaining.

t IVl I variable length file records $350/$25

/ n/|\ BASIC COMPILER - Language compatible with Il*U BAS1C-80 and 3-10 times faster execution. Produces standard Microsoft relocatable binary output. Includes MACRO-80. Also linkable 10 FORTRAN-SO or

C080L-80 code modules $395/$25

/ Ml FORTRAN-8O - ANSI 66 (except for COMPLEX) plus ilvl' many extensions. Includes relocatable object compiler. linking loader, library with manager. Also includes MACRO-8O (see below) $500/$25

I lwt \ COBOL-8O - Level 1 ANSI 74 standard C080L plus I '*•/ most of Level 2. Full sequential, relative, and Indexed tile support with variable file names. STRING, UNSTRING, COMPUTE. VARYING/UNTIL. EXTEND.

fui interactive screen-handling extensions, includes compatible assembler, linking loader, and relocatable library manager as described under MACRO-8O

I'.M MACRO-BO - 8080/280 Macro Assembler. Intel and i1*1'Zilog mnemonics supported. Relocatable linkable output. Loader, Library Manager and Cross Reference List utilities Included $150 '$25

XMACRO-88 -- 8086 cross assembler. All Macro and (1} utility features of MACRO-8O package. Mnemonics slightly modified from Intel ASM86. Compatibility data shoot available $300/$25

PASCAL/M* - Compiler generates P code from extended language, implementation of standard PASCAL. Supports overlay structure through additional procedure calls and the SEGMENT procedure type memory image I/O. Requires 56K CP/M----$150/$2Q

PASCAL/2 - Z80 native code PASCAL compiler. Pro-(I f duces optimized. ROMabie re-entrant code. All interfacing to CP/M is through the support library. The package includes compiler. Microsoft Compatible relocating assembler and linker, and source for all library modules. Variant records, strings and direct I/O are supported. Requires 56K CP/M and 280 CPU. $395/'$25

I ates ROMabie 8080 machine code. Symbolic debugger included. Supports, interrupt procedures. CP/M file I/O and assembly language interface. Real variables can be BCD, software floating point, or AMD 9511 hardware floating point. Version 3 includes Enumeration and Record data types. Manual explains BASIC to PASCAL conversion. Source for the runtime package requires Digital Research's MAC. Requires 32K $250/$30

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