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TIGGER-GRAF - Create engineering, scientific or just fun graphics on your IDS 440G printer. Resolution is 495 x 575. Easy BASIC programs provided for data entry and machine language modules for speed. Several pictures can be concatenated along the Y-axis for larger graphs.

CODECONV - Takes your machine code and writes a BASIC program which Pokes the machine routine to memory. 16k, 1 disk $ 9.95

PENCIL FIX - Modify Pencil to use RS lower case modifi-. Redefines control key to be the @ key and switches /./.,/- f^nn 1 o (-Q ("hg shifted ' C

cation the lc/uc toggle warranty.


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SPOOLREL - An in-memory print spooler that runs in Model I 32k or 48k disk system, under Newdos* or Trsdos.** Fully relocatable code and buffer. Buffer size is user selected. A true background spooler at an unbelievably low price. 32k, disk $ 24.95

PRINT-CENTRAL - A utility for those with smart printers. To send a control code to your printer, simply press the Clear key and the appropriate letter key and see instant execution. Any code from 1 to 31 may be sent.

WORDSCRIBE - Professional word processing for Model I or Model II. Full screen editing. Margin justification. Line insertion/deletion. Block move/copy/delete. Global find and change. Much, much more.

Model I (48k,1 disk) $ 79.95 Model II (64k) $ 99.95

MAILING LIST I - A menu-driven mailing list complete full screen editing

Model I (48k,1 disk) $ 59.95 Model II (64k) $ 69.95

program with

WORDMAIL - Pulls names and addresses from Mailing List I and inserts into Wordscribe files.

Model I (48k,1 disk) $ 39.95 Model II (64k) $ 49.95

COMPLETE FORM LETTER SYSTEM - Wordscribe, Wordmail and Mailing List I

Model I Model II

**TRS=80 and TRSDOS are trademarks of Tandy Corporation

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