Magic Cursor Programs

THE MAGIC CURSOR allows you to easily create screens (including graphics) on your video. A powerful command then generates the BASIC instructions to recreate the screen For the first time, a program for automatic generation of video display forms. (16K Tape or Disk) $24.95

THE MAGIC CURSOR I additionally makes sophisticated Data Entry and Display easy With Magic Cursor I you define the Data Entry or Display fields directly on your screen The definition commands generate the BASIC instructions to implement the Data Entry and Display The Magic Cursor I has commands which move center, and duplicate blocks of graphical or alpha/numeric displays You can even justify text (16K Tape Only) $79.95

THE MAGIC CURSOR II adds the power to write animated games easily in BASIC The Magic Cursor ll allows you to reload previous screens either from memory or from Disk You can then modify them and store either the modified screen or only the changes. (32K Disk Only) $99.95

THE MAGIC CURSOR III will be available soon for the new Model II Computer (32K One or more Disk) $149.95

THE MAGIC CURSOR IV provides the features ol Magic Cursor II but stores an assembly language program (32K Disk Only) $99.95



For ordering or information write P O Bo* 58042 Houston. Texas 77058 Attn Jim Martens or call: (713) 474-2428


A Monitor/Trace program with versions for both Model I and Model II.

Trace-80m *

TRACE-SO lets you observe the Inner working of a machine language program. It allows you to run a machine language program in slow motion and watch the screen You can stop execution at any time and examine the current instruction mnemonic and all register contents. You can execute your program and watch each instruction mnemonic,and register contents list to the screen in place of normal screen display.

If you have a printer, TRACE-80 allows you to execute your program in slow motion and watch the screen while your printer simultaneously prints the machine code being executed, the memory location and the instruction mnemonic along with the current register contents.

You can execute a machine language program in slow motion, freeze the action, examine and/or change memory, examine and/or change register contents and then continue the slow motion. You can speed up past common routines and slow down to examine other routines in detail or operate in single step mode

TRACE-SO allows you to trace ROM as well as RAM because instructions are emulated in a special execution buffer


* For both beginner and advanced programmer.

* More than 20 commands

* Trace-80 is written in machine language

* Traces both ROM and RAM

* Level II or Mod I Disk operation

* Model II Disk version available.

* Optionally prints only "Transfer and Control" instructions

* Full speed, slow speed or freeze execution modes

* Memory can be displayed/modified.

* Register contents can be displayed/modified

* Hex, ASCII and mnemonic display modes.

* Abreviated or full printer format

* Serial printer output if desired.

* Option of normal screen display, memory display, trace display or clear screen.

* Learn assembly language programming as well as machine coding by watching actual code execution and see assembly language mnemonic.

PARTIAL LIST OF COMMANOS: Load disk file. Trace. Slow Motion Execution, Full Speed Execution, Freeze Action, Single Instruction Execution, Examine and/or Display memory, Examine and/or Display Register Contents, Enable/Disable Screen, Enable/Disable Printer, Ascii or Hex Display, Full Screen Memory Display. Line Printer Commands, etc.

TRACE-8O/MOD-I (for Level II or DOS operation) .. $29.95 Supplied on tape with 3 versions (16K. 32K or 48K) and instructions.


The Supply Room *

A sophisticated program that is easy to operate This unique system helps you manage your retail or wholesale inventory of up to 1000 line items. Cost may be fractions of a cent, item quantities may be decimal values. Automatic cost averaging of updated items and suggested sales prices based on gross profit. Transaction reports produced during posting functions Printed reports include 1 Transaction Listings 4. Items on Order.

2. Complete Inventory Listing 5 Items Out of Stock 3 Listings by Prefix 6 Suggested P O.'s.

Requires Mod 1. 32K, Disk & Printer $250.00

The Filing Cabinet *

Take that collection of Job Orders. Personnel Records. Reports. Etc and get them organized You define up to 14 data input fields specifying field type - alpha/numeric or $$$. field length and field separators - such as slashes, etc. During data input, the cursor provides for character input and skips over the field separators.

But that's only half the story. Output reports are automatic formated and program automatically requests column headings

This means you can customize your own data base manager, complete with rapid data input and selective output reports Comes complete with documentation

Requires Mod 1, 32K. Disk & Printer $100.00

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