Put Your Trs To Work

Your TRS-80 has the ability to totally organize mailing lists for these companies It also has the ability to supply them with tabular listings and mailing labels upon request. All it takes is a little bit of your time. Any progressive business would be happy to pay you a nominal fee to keep their lists organized and up to date. What's a nominal fee? You can charge 10 cents a name to enter, store and maintain each record in your computer. It's also worth 3 cents to supply this name on a gummed mailing label. Think of it. The label costs three-tenths of a cent going into the printer and. with the value you add. is worth 3 cents when it comes out the other end That s 1000% profit That's a "Money Machine"


As a minimum, you'll need a 32K TRS-80 with at least one disk drive and a good line printer You'll also need a copy of "LABELMAKER". available on diskette from The Peripheral People This program will allow you to input names and addresses, plus optional data such as company, phone number and so on "LABELMAKER" also features a unique method of coding each record You can selectively print labels by using these codes and bypass all others. The records can be sorted by zip code or alphabetically by company or name In other words, you can provide mailing labels or tabular listings any way your customers want them.


You bet! Providing this service is a great way to get the family involved with your TRS-80. Teenagers can easily input and output records during the day Most women are latent business persons and your wife can easily sell the service... particularly if it means some new clothes, furniture or other "fringe benefits" for her You can probably promote discounts or trade services with your customers Once you've established a business in your home you can legally write off a portion of the rent and utilities even your TRS-80. to your business This can reduce your taxes substantially The possibilities for making money with your TRS-80 are endless

YOU RISK NOTHING If you don't agree that our LABEL-MAKER program does everything that we say. then return the diskette along with a letter telling us why and we will immediately refund your full purchase price, plus the postage

TURN THE SWITCH TODAY Are you willing to invest $99.50 to turn the switch on your "Money Machine"? Then call The Peripheral People today and order your copy of "LABELMAKER" You can charge it to your Mastercharge or VISA card.

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