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Are you annoyed with missing, outdated, or corrupted drivers? DriverTuner can help you fix driver issues to keep your PC in a healthy state in just a few minutes! The quicker you get DriverTuner, the sooner your driver troubles will be gone! Largest Driver Database With Over 20 Million Associated Device Drivers. Key Features: Powerful Ability to Download Up-to-Date Drivers & Maximize PC Performance Can't play the latest games? DriverTuner can help you update the old drivers with the latest drivers for your computer and increase the ease at which you can run the latest Cpu-intensive software such as games. It will boost your PC and maximize your PC performance! Easy-to-Use DriverTuner excels in its easy-to-use interface. Any driver issues can be fixed with a few clicks of your mouse. It is easy enough for computer novices to figure out in a flash. Comprehensive Driver Database Based on a huge and comprehensive database of more than 5,000,000 driver entries, DriverTuner supports drivers for almost all major computer hardware and device manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Nvidia, Intel, Realtek, Brother, Epson, Compaq, Gateway, and so on. Read more...

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Some users might complain that the default interface is more complicated than it needs to be. If you just panicked grab a quick drink and relax because this baby has a full customizable interface.

However, LionSea Driver Tuner is a fairly good program considering the standard and depth of the material it provides. In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this software makes worth every penny of its price.

Driver Smith

Automatically Update And Backup Windows Drivers, Such As Graphic Card Drivers, Sound Card Drivers,printer Driver And Usb Driver.

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Printer Drivers For Superscripsit

Easily and automatically attach your printer to Supet-SCRIPSIT with an 41 PS wlfare printer driver piunr,tm No need 10 leam special printer codes. Call or write for info describing features supported on each printer (underline, bold, proportional, scripts, etc ). 0 *r 120 Different Prlnjen Supported Custom Printer Driver For Each Printer. 2-1 2 years experience. Customer Support S49 or 59 each, depending on printer.

Change End Of Line Togt


Exploit your printers capabilities with simple commands

Lines 210 to 300 of the program labeled PARLEL, load Scripsit into memory and change the parts of Scripsit that call the printer driver in the Model III ROM. No permanent changes are made to your copy of Scripsit, as the changes to it are made in memory and not on the disk. By loading the address of PARLEL-1 into memory location 5321H, we fool Scripsit into thinking that this is the end of memory. This protects the driver program from being clobbered. It is similar to answering the memory size question in BASIC. It

Microcomputer News Index

Printer Codes - the Inside Story Anatomy of a Printer Driver Modi Mod II Mod III What Do the Printers Do Block Graphics Characters Control Codes Data Processing Printer Details Backspace Buffer Printing Carriage Return Character Sets & Fonts Graphics Graphics Mode Ignored & Unprintable code Incremental spacing Linefeeds Positioning Repeat Data Underline Wraparound Special Characters Std. Alphanumeric Char. Unprintable Codes Word Processing Printer What Happens b t BASIC and the Printer Driver

Forth Books Available

The Scripsit patch forces it to use the active printer driver, honor HIGH , corrects a stack problem and adds a Q , or Query DOS directory command. It does a couple of other things which are fully explained in the remarks section of the file. Again, as in Pencil, Scripsit can read the FIX file.

Communications Corner

There are a few things you must keep in mind when you use the LCOMM utility. The first thing you must be sure of when using LCOMM is that you have set *KI (the device driver) to the KI DVR program BEFORE you enter LCOMM. This will allow you to use the special function keys which will be explained below. You must remember NOT to have your Spooler in use since LCOMM has its own spool buffer. It is also a good idea to create a file for receiving large files when using the utility just so you will have the space allocated and available to you. The syntax of the LCOMM command is clearly defined in the LDOS Manual in a specific section called (cryptically enough) LCOMM UTILITY. LCOMM does not directly interface with the RS232 hardware. It uses what we like to call *CL. (We're not being mysterious, it just means Communications Line .)

Model And Laser Printers

My first letter quality printer was a Star Micronics Power-type daisy wheel, bough seven years ago. As a CPA I need double-underline capability. The Legal-2 wheel gave it to me. We used the DW2 printer driver and patched the program to print the Legal-2 double-underline character instead of the Radio Shack default double-underline. As you will see, this turned out to be a critical part of the laser setup. No nine-pin dot matrix or daisy wheel combination, other than the Legal-2, allows a double-underline. Some twenty-four pin dot matrix printers like the Epson LQ series will provide for double-underline or double-underscore. My printer of choice before the laser was an Epson LQ-1050. However, the laser printers I have seen emulate nine-pin printers, not twenty-four pin printers, so a daisy wheel configuration was the best bet.

Window Application Manager

O LIB EXEC gives access to DOS LIB commands o ADDRESS rotating cards and mailing labels o BRINGUP tickler file and appointment book o CAL month at a glance perpetual calendar o A four function Floating Point CALCulator o Seven function RPN CALC in base 2, 8, 10, 16 o 3 x 5 CARD filer and notepad o CHARSET computer character set table o Telephone list and autoDIALER o DOSAVE screen_to_disk saver o TERM mini-terminal facility o PSORT utility to sort data files o WINLINK device driver access from BASIC o Requires 128K 4 4p TRSDOS 6.2 or equivalent

Printer Codes The Inside Story

The following major article on Radio Shack printer drivers and printers is running this month instead of the usual Product Line Manager pages for Model I III, Model II, and Peripherals. These pages will return as usual in June. 1) What happens in the printer driver Anatomy of a Printer Driver What is a Printer Driver That little beast is a machine language routine used by the computer to send individual characters to a printer. This driver is used whether you want to send a character, a word, or a book to the line printer. The computer sends all information one character at a time. There is a certain amount of communication (via the status bits) between the computer and the printer so that the computer will not send characters faster than the printer can deal with them.

Actual Screen Photograph

I typed in your Universal Printer Driver, August, 1983, assembled it, and wrote it to my Scripsit 3.2 disk. Louis B. Kelley Crescent City, FL Please help me with the source code, line numbers, and the names for the modules SCRIPDRV ASM and TABLE ASM in Gary Shade's Universal Printer Driver article. The source code you printed was assembled using Radio Shack's Series I Editor Assembler, on a Model III, using TRSDOS. I am aware of the instructions in the article to put in the names of the modules, but I am a novice with assembly language and do not know where, nor in what format, to enter those names. (The letter was accompanied by assembled code in which all the label locations were 33 bytes off from the printed listing. -Ed.)

Model IIII Bugs Errors and Fixes

On page 79 of the Model III TRSDOS manual, it states that the number given to the LINES 'bbb ' option is the maximum number of lines to print before an automatic form feed . This is not so. In Model III TRSDOS 1.2, when the maximum number of lines is reached, the line counter restarts at one and NO automatic eject is done. The lines counter serves only to tell the printer driver how many lines have been printed since the last top-of-form. It is the responsibility of the programmer to examine the line counter at location 4029 Hex (16425 decimal) to determine if it is time to send the printer driver a top-of-form character (decimal 1.2) to eject the paper.

Disk Inventory System Model

DISK INVENTORY for the Model III allows you to keep track of your disks .permanently This Menu Driven indexed utility lets you search through up to 99 disks (4752 diskfiles) in 1 second and display or print them alphabetically by name, extension or disk number. Printer driver has built in page numbers & spacing in all modes and a unique Disk Jacket labeling feature. MODEL III i l r DISK 29.95


The Form Feed character (OCH) through the printer driver). Both of these lines may need to be changed depending on your computer and printer. In the double-strike mode the routine at 440 does not slow the process down, but in normal mode the printer waits for a time as each new line is constructed. The alternative would be to produce the calendar in a string array, which would use much more string space and need more memory than the 4K used by this method.

Rekord Menu

Radio Shack printer protocol definition has previously made it impossible to determine when a printer was physically attached to the computer. Whether the printer was busy printing, attached but turned off, or just not there, it all looked the same to the TRSDOS printer driver. The information in this article is provided for the benefit of those who will be writing their own printer drivers.

Software Lower Case

The other iwo modules Into the Display and line printer calling sequences. 2) A display driver (SDSPLY). which precedes every shifted letter on the screen by a graphic block and erases the block in the event ol a backspace, and 3) A printer driver (SPRINT), which reverses the shift of all letters going to the printer

Mew Prices

Sort4's heart is the machine-language code in data lines 2-5, which is POKEd into the high RAM area you protected from Basic. Although I said earlier that this area started at location 65,304 (FF18 hexadecimal), you don't have to use that address. If, for example, you're already using part of that area for a printer driver, change the 65,304 in line 1 to a lower address. The program automatically handles all relocation.

Data Printer

There are a few things to remember for anyone using the interface described here. There are no OUT PAPER or FAULT signals provided by the printer. OUT PAPER on the TRS80 Is pulled low by this Interface. FAULT is made high by the TRS80. I did not provide a printer on signal to the TRS80 it thinks the printer is turned on. even when it isn't. This could easily be changed by using the printer five volts as control. I chose not to do this. If you POKE the printer driver address Into the display driver as described In 80 US No 2. then you should use the printer's smallest print. The reason for this Is that control code 31 is the printer code for the smallest character (16.5 CPI). If you are using larger characters, a CLS In the program will change the print to the smallest size. Any programs written for a printer will function normally.


How many times have you gotten your Basic program loaded or written, and realized that you needed a printer driver, or a monitor, or a renumber routine for which you failed to reserve memory The normal procedure is to CSAVE your Basic program, type SYSTEM ENTER 0 ENTER, set the appropriate memory size, load the machine language program, then reload your Basic program.

Model I

This routine does not use the standard printer driver, so it will not work with printers that require special drivers or are not mapped to the standard 37E8H location. It's output cannot be changed with commands like NEWDOS's ROUTE, but on the other hand, any character can be sent without being changed directly to the printer-something many drivers won't let you do.

Dosplus and D

Earlier versions of DOSPLUS gained a reputation for reliability, ease of use and poor documentation. The whole documentation issue can be put to bed right away. The user's manual provided with DOSPLUS 3.4 4.0 is handsome, well written, well organized and readablel Some reference to Radio Shack's TRSDOS manual may be advisable, so don't throw that away if you purchase DOSPLUS. The assembly language buffs will be delighted with documentation for many calls to DOSPLUS routines. Some of these are understandable and handy for us BASIC language types to modify our little machine language modules and monitors. The printer driver is flexible enough to handle just about any ASCII serial or parallel printer, and even does the graphics conversions for EPSON owners. This DOS can do nearly anything

Dave S Msdos Column

I've heard of at least one use for the printer driver (LFDRVR.SYS) that comes on the 1000 DOS disk. Tom Siriani of Hillsboro. OR. discovered that having this driver installed as a device in the CONFIG.SYS file solved the Out of paper error when printing lines longer than 80 columns in Basic. (The other known solution is to use the Width statement e.g Width Print 255.) Should you use the 1000 printer driver I don't I played with it using Basic to send control codes, and wasn't impressed. The DMP-120 with driver installed acted just like my Okidata 82A with or without the driver installed. It's definitely doing something because I could print and list lines longer than 80 columns with either printer.

OS Assembly Language

It is sometimes useful to be able to develop specific device driver software for the OS9 environment. But it can be difficult to write a device driver without some place to start from. The purpose of this article is to provide some software tools that will allow you to be able to develop Sequential Character File (SCF) device driver software more easily. Your OS9 Technical Reference manual provides more detailed information about these drivers in Chapter Six. A SCFman device driver is primarily designed to perform the actual character by character data transfers for OS9. It handles all the actual details of input output to or from a specific hardware device or controller. The SCF drivers are usually designed so as to be re-entrant. Thus one copy of the driver can handle all identical devices resulting in the minimum use of available memory. Program Example 1 demonstrates the typical structure of a basic SCF device driver module. This particular program listing is actually a template...


Model 4P's and Tandy 2000's are in short supply due to parts availability, but the situation should improve soon. Multi-user Scripsit and Profile are in the final stages of testing, and could make it to the warehouse about the time you get this magazine. Most of the Tandy 2000 initial tier of software is available as of this writing. Accounting was delayed by a hiccup in the printer driver, but should be corrected next week. Word Processing (MultiMate) is in test, looking good, waiting the remaining parts of documentation to come in from the vendor. It is targeted for release February 15th. Some very exciting software is in the queue for the 2000 Stay tuned, see you next month. (Boy, it's nice to be able to transmit my column to Basic Computing via EMAIL Federal Express, eat your heart out )


The first file-header sector contains general information about the text such as the author's comments, the file's printer driver, line-spacing defaults, which blocks contain the header and footer information, and all other information that is displayed when you open the text file. The first byte of this sector is EO hexadecimal (hex), indicating that it is a Superscripsit file.

Graphics Update

Here are two thing we might watch for next 1) Pieter would like an Epson printer driver for Graphics-90.1 have no idea how to write one, but maybe one of the new users can come up with one. 2) If the new users really get into the package, we could be seeing some really creative animation programs in a few months.

User Group Kudos

Once you have the fonts in TRS-80 format, they still have to be integrated with your favorite word processor. If you have the Computer News 80 LaserJet or DeskJet Utility Packs for Allwrite, you use the included utilities to create a width table which you then incorporate into the Allwrite printer driver. If you have SuperScripsit or ScripsitPro, David Goben at Computer News 80 can for a fee customize a driver for you. A number of converted fonts, ARChived together in both LaserJet and DeskJet format, are available in the Model 4 section of the TRS-ureTrove BBS sponsored by this publication (phone 213


The printer drivers which are a part of Model I ROM were tailored to fit the only printer available at the time (LP I), and the Model III drivers were fashioned after the Model I drivers to maintain com-patability and assure support for Model I products. That first printer was a very dumb printer and had a rather unusual response to certain codes. Because of this, the ROM printer driver intercepts certain codes normally passed on to the printer and substitutes others designed to achieve the desired response. LPC is a system (machine language) program which modifies the ROM printer driver in Model I III. It is designed to allow the system to emulate the response of the first generation printers on a printer having the new revised code response. In other words, LPC throws away all but one CR in a series of carriage returns (ignores LPRINT statements which do not have any text) and converts 138's to 10's. Next month I will have juicy details of our new Plug N Power Controller. And in an...


The modified printer driver permits printing the special characters. French and Spanish characters available in the Daisy Wheel II character set have been predefined in a print control table. You can modify this table to match the character set and control functions on other printers.

Call Fafh

PRNTR, the printer driver routine, located at 058DH, is CALLed from 003BH. This routine locates the printer at 37E8H, and checks its ready status by reading 37E8H for a 30H. You can capture the routine and use your own by changing the address stored at 4026H and 4027H to the address of your printer driver. (Note Be sure to PROTECT your printer driver program by answering the MEMORY SIZE question).


Frank has also written a program to print out GIF images, in very high resolution, on a Radio Shack DMP-2100, a HP DeskJet, and a C. Itoh 8510 - also known as the Apple Imagewriter). If you have any of these three printers ONLY, he will include the appropriate printer driver programs.


Often I want hard copy of everything on my TRS-80 video screen. A favorite method to print out the TRS-80 display is to POKE the printer driver address into the video control block in dedicated RAM (POKE 16414, 141 POKE 16415, 5). Thereafter every PRINT command will act as an LPRINT.

Express Checkouts

You can also define printer control characters, redefine keyboard key characters, define new printer characters, send carriage returns with or without line feeds, select either the ROM or the PowerScript printer driver, and select the exact DOS patch needed for your system.

Reader Exchange

An incompatibility between the Epson RX-80 FT printer and the Model 4 causes problems with the Epson's papcr-out sensor. Pressing escape-8 disables two lines going to the computer, but the third line, pin 12 on the RX-80 side, pin 23 on the Model 4 side, remains active. This 1-byte patch to the printer driver corrects the problem

Canaoa And Mexico

New printer driver which allows complete forms control and paging Automatic serial printer driver with optional auto linefeed Execute any DOS command from BASIC and return to BASIC Free space map of diskette with optional output to printer Copy with variable length files

Plus pAp

Is the state of the art in Disk Operating Systems for the Model 1 and Model 3 offering an order of magnitude increase in flexibility and performance over its predecessor DOSPLUS 3.4 and yet is easier to use and more friendly with a Help facility explaining the syntax of DOS commands. The huge manual of over 350 pages describes the system in detail and is sectioned and tagged so that you can find what you want more quickly. Far greater flexibility is offered by the introduction of device drivers that are external to the system and that can be tailored to your needs.

Electric Webster

When using the DWP-410 Super-Scripsit printer driver with my DWP-210 printer in proportional space mode, I encountered this problem Three characters (the hyphen, uppercase M, and uppercase W) on the proportional print wheel have a different width on the DWP-210. As a result, lines with these characters don't justify properly. Also, the bold print feature works incorrectly with these char acters. You can correct the DWP-410 printer driver with the following patches in Model III TRSDOS PATCH DWP410 CTL. (ADD BAE2.FIND

The Driver

The printer driver should poll the printer port to read the status. If BUSY and BUSY are the same, then there is an error condition (The printer is not connected it is turned off, or some other major disaster has occurred.), and the hard error flag is set. If BUSY and BUSY are complementary, then the driver checks BUSY and FAULT to see if the printer is busy printing, or if an error condition exists. If BUSY is high and FAULT is high, the printer is busy printing and the driver keeps checking for the printer to become unbusy before sending the next character to be printed. If BUSY is high and FAULT is low, then a soft error flag is set. The flow chart is included to give an indication of what happens as the driver checks printer status. It is not an exact representation.

Notat Ff Start Fd

Better yet, the BASIC version (program listing 2) is self-relocating It PEEKs at the MEMORY SIZE you have set (if any), deducts enough room for the patch, POKEs in the patch, sets a new MEMORY SIZE and resets all necessary pointers. Therefore, if you are already using other patches or routines in high memory (like KBFIX, KBEEPFIX, a printer driver, or whatever), the BASIC version of this patch will relocate itself just below the other routines automatically. Make sure it is the last patch you load, otherwise you might load some other non-relocatable routine right over it and destroy it.

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