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Data Entry Direct refers to an online platform that provides individuals with opportunities for accessing an online data entry job. Individuals are provided with a variety of tasks from which they can choose the ones they deem suitable depending on their conditions. What is more, each and every detail of the work is being explained to them before they are handed over the tasks. Importantly, people are provided with a chance of working with various organizations irrespective of their location. To access the opportunities, one is required to log in to the site and provide a username and password. The pay given depends on a number of factors, even though individuals' efforts play a significant role. Since the details of the tasks are well explained before one begins the work, the chances of the task accomplished being rejected are very minimal. This is a real and dependable program with worldwide acceptance. Join the millions who have already subscribed to it and have the chance of working despite the circumstances surrounding you. More here...

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Menu Assisted Data Entry System

Jeffrey Fisher, of Houston, recognized that the typewriter-like keyboard used to enter data into most computers presents an obstacle to many handicapped persons, so he developed a remarkable system that allows data entry without a keyboard. Fisher's Menu Assisted Data Entry System allows the use of external switches in place of the keyboard. It was designed for the Model III computer. The entry was one of the top thirty national-prize-winning entries In the Johns Hopkins search.

Codebook And Data Entry

Enter data using key-to-disc system with automatic back-up of data to protect against system crashes. Enter survey, report, test or lab data using fixed or free format. Programs feature screen prompting to guide data entry operator, automatic error detection, user-definable tab stops, repeating keyboard, plus much more.

Attention Universities And Medical Research Facilities

StatPac is a new 3-part program written and designed for research, survey and questionnaire processing, data entry, statistical analysis, management and market analysis. StatPac can be easily tailored to fit your needs because you create the data file format. All phases of research analysis can be processed, including

Magic Cursor Programs

THE MAGIC CURSOR I additionally makes sophisticated Data Entry and Display easy With Magic Cursor I you define the Data Entry or Display fields directly on your screen The definition commands generate the BASIC instructions to implement the Data Entry and Display The Magic Cursor I has commands which move center, and duplicate blocks of graphical or alpha numeric displays You can even justify text (16K Tape Only) 79.95

Machine Code Fast Fourier Transform

This complete package includes 3 versions of the machine language FFTASM routine assembled for 16. 32. and 48K machines, a short sample Basic program to access them, a 10K Basic program which includes sophisticated interactive graphing and data manipulation, and a manual of instructions and examples The machine language subroutines use variables defined by a supporting Basic program to make data entry and retrieval extremely fast and easy for custom implementation They perform 20 to 40 times faster than their Basic equivalent (256 points m 12 5 seconds), and require less than 1550 bytes of memory The FFT is useful in analyzing stock market and comodity trends as well as for scientific information FFTASM 49.95

New Industry Standard

You can run simultaneous editors, program translators, and background printer spoolers. Or you can use MP M for data entry or data-base access from remote terminals. Or you can use MP M realtime features to monitor an assembly line and automatically schedule programs for execution throughout the day. MP M makes an excellent focal point for a cluster of connected microcomputers. The possibilities are limitless.

Utilities For Model I

TIGCiER-GRAFtm Create engineering, scientific or just fun graphics on your IDS 440G printer. Resolution is 495 x 575. Easy Basic programs provided for data entry and machine language modules for speed. Several pictures can be concatenated along the Y-axis of larger graphs.

Special Software Deals

WordStar* 3.3 (Specify MM or R S format) . MaitMefg*. SpeliStar*4. Starindex* all 3 tor ust WofdStar Professional (Above 4 Progams) DataStar* Data Entry & Retrieval ReportStar** Report Generator infoStar** Advanced DBMS (Above 2 Programs) dBASE If Complete With Disk Tutorial.

The File Contains Data Values To Be Plotted

Since menu item 1 (ENTER DATA FROM KEYBOARD) is flashing, pressing the ENTER) key brings up a new screen you are then prompted to enter your data, one value at a time. Each value you enter is displayed on the screen. Data entry is terminated with the (CLEAR) key, which returns you to the Data Handling Menu. You select item 8 (SAVE DATA) and enter a file name the program writes your data values to disk under that name. You then return to the Main Menu and select menu item 2, the Line Chart Menu.

Profile III Plus Catalog No

The Profile III Plus data base system (Model III only), like Profile, allows the user to define his her own data entry screens. Each data base can have up to five separate screens to provide for additional flexibility. Profile limited the user to 32 fields on a single screen whereas Profile III Plus allows a total of 99 fields, with a maximum of 36 fields on any one of five separate screens. In Profile the user was limited to 254 characters of information, but Profile III Plus allows multiple segment records, providing space for more than 1000 characters of information per record.

Computer Managed Instruction

The computer can save today's overworked teacher some valuable time by providing some of the supplementary drill work that many students need so badly. Another time-saver is computer managed instruction. Several Radio Shack programs, including the K-8 MATH WITH STUDENT MANAGEMENT program, NUMERIC DATA ENTRY PRACTICE, C.A.R.D. I SENTENCES, the STUDENT RECORDS SYSTEM for the HIGH MOTIVATION READING SERIES, and QUICK QUIZ A MINI-AUTHORING SYSTEM, feature automatic storage of student scores on diskette. This saves time when the lesson is taken because the teacher can keep permanent records without having to record performance information off the screen when the student finishes the lesson. And it saves time later because the computer calculates the score the teacher doesn't have to sit up all night grading quizzes and exercises.

Screening Your Collection

Data entry screen) looks when I format it from the Creation menu. I use this screen to enter data. Figure 2B shows the way it looks during typical use. I often reserve a screen for the original entry of information into a record. Once the data is in the file, the data entry prompts become superfluous, and so I eliminate them from the screens I work with afterwards. Figures 3A and B show such a working screen, STAMPCAT PM2, which I use to enter and update marketplace information. I use to protect the information in most of the fields on my screen format no. 2 (figure 3A).

Bugs Errors and Fixes

Changes made to the RSCOBOL GENERATOR include cosmetic changes to error messages and prompts within the program, use of pause and clear with data entry screens, sub screen data entry, the use of 3 and 4 alternate keys on Indexed Sequential files, and corrections to error messages when defining the length of report lines. Letter dated February 24, 1983

Nitor Income and Expenses with Budget Management

The Initialization program provides you with a ready made budget system including Income (regular and variable). Savings goals, and a detailed expense list of over 20 different expense types. Of course we provide an easy way for you to add and delete items so you can tailor the program to YOUR budget. Other programs included are Data entry, Complete editing, and a Report program which lets you print reports on either the video or a 132 column printer.

Profile Plus Catalog No

Profile Plus for Model II is an extension of Profile II with all of the features mentioned above but with enhancements to make the user's data base even more manageable. Records can be defined by the user with five input screens for a total of 99 fields of information. One of the advantages of Profile Plus is the ability to define segments shorter than 256 characters whereas in Profile II the second, third, and fourth segments were 256 characters long with no option to allow for less space to be used. This means that if only 200 characters are required in a data base, the first segment would contain 85 characters and the second segment would have 115 characters instead of 256. This would save a great deal of storage space allowing for additional records to be stored. Profile Plus also has additional field indicators and the ability to associate fields in segment one into groups to allow for specialized data entry screens and data manipulation within the data base. Profile Plus also...

Model Ii Data Base Systems Profile IICatalog No

Profile II is a very versatile data base system that lets the user format up to five data entry screens, each screen containing up to 36 fields of information with a maximum number of 99 fields. Profile II also has the ability to use multiple segment records. Multiple segment records allows the user to store up to 850 characters of information per record. The Model II owner with four floppy disk drives can store up to 1800 four segment records or a total of one and a half million characters of information.

Model Iii Data Base Systems Profile Catalog No

Profile for Model I III allows the user to design a data entry screen to his or her own specifications, with up to 32 fields per record. Records can be variable in length up to a maximum of 254 characters in each record. With this type of versatility a company can create a custom record keeping system with ease.

News Release From Misosys

MISOSYS announces the release of LB Data Manager Version 2.1. This flatfile data base manager now sports ten field types, each of which can be edit or display protected, or established as a required entry. Data entry has been enhanced to allow duplicating fields from the previously-entered record, as well as forward and reverse field navigation. Flexible editing now incorporates global search and replace with wild-card character match and source string substitution. Up to ten index files may be created.

Does Your Smart Printer Suddenly

TIGGER-GRAF Create engineering, scientific, business, or just plain fun on your IDS 440G or 460G printer. Resolution is 495 x 575 Easy BASIC programs provided for data entry and machine language module for speed. Includes setting individual points, drawing lines, shading shapes Several graphs may be catenated along the Y-axis for larger graphs Requires Mod I 32 or 48K 1 disk 149.95

Applications Software

TIGGER-GRAF - Create engineering, scientific or just fun graphics on your IDS 440G printer. Resolution is 495 x 575. Easy BASIC programs provided for data entry and machine language modules for speed. Several pictures can be concatenated along the Y-axis for larger graphs.

Quality Assurance System

This is a complete system which will allow you to ask your own questions, set your own standards, and do your own testing on just about any product, process, or service. Information about standards, last product tested or accumulated product testing can be listed or printed quickly. Data entry and editing is fast and easy to learn because it incorporates all the features of our Input Subroutine (above).

Occ Manufacturing Inventory Control

All OCC Software is supplied with user oriented manuals that include easy user installation instructions. OCC Software is written In Radio Shack Basic and runs under TRSDOS. OCC Software uses Keyed Sequential Access Method (KSAM) File structure, Binary searches and fast Machine Language Sorts to insure the fastest possible execution. OCC's Exceptional Screen Control Format makes data entry as easy as filling out a form. Related OCC Software packages interface to form complete MENU DRIVEN Accounting systems.

Send For Free Catalog

This is the program using the algorithms from Dr Ouirm s book Highly praised and endorsed by DR OUIRIN this program is the best available loday Screen edit data entry makes enter mg data a breeze Dr Ouirm s par time adjustment routines are included We warned you that the price would go up and it did Order now because this price will go up again

Horse Race Himdcippiwi

This thoroughbred handicapping algorithm is based on a currently popular book on thoroughbred multiple regression techniques Both sprints and routes All of the features of PHD-1 plus more This program incorporates the best data entry technique we've ever seen 32K TRS-80 or APPLE CASSETTE 34 95

Technical Information

'Move forward or back to previously entered fields to edit using the arrow keys. Totally non-destructive cursor. Does not require re-entering of each data field 'Move within any field using the arrow keys 'Move instantly to any field with Control G command 'Exit from input edit mode at any point allowing immediate escape from data entry mode. Allows partial information to be entered for each record without the annoying, time consuming need to press ENTER for each blank field not used at the time of entry

Division Of Tandy Corporation

ENB is a Relational data base manager offering an excellent mixture of functions. These functions include 1) True relation-al access 2) Generalized data structures with variable-length fields, and no record-length constraints 3) Structure extension without reorganisation or reprogramming 4) Multiple disk-drive support 5) Data Integrity 6) High-level BASIC interface 7) Menu-driven Interactive data entry display.

With This Sensational Software Breakthrough

You can begin by using a planning form designed to help you organize your program ideas The Producer then asks you a series of simple English questions to enable those ideas to be translated into a program format. You use the computer's arrow keys and graphic characters to draw the data entry screen just the way you want it Our B-Tree file structure gives extremely fast access to data, allows global search and replace, data entry by batch mode and automatic file rebuilding

The Limited Additionmerge Sort

This technique results in slow data entry, but it keeps the user from having to face the problem of sorting an entire file. To build the file, one might limit the number of additions to say 10 records or less. Even if the file was 250 bytes long, all 10 records could be kept in memory and sorted. When the first 10 records had been used to create the original file, the next 10 would be merged with the first 10. Each time, the new data is read into memory, sorted, and merged with the old data to form a longer file.

Hundreds Of Useful Capabilities

Profile can sort and index any of its segments. Profile also offers more space wth 999 fields and 4,608 characters as opposed to dBase II's 32 fields and 1,000 characters. In addition to creating multiple screens and reports, Profile builds one data entry screen and one report format automatically.

Ydur Onestdp Computer Shopping Center

After you answer, a data-entry line of the appropriate length appears, and the system asks you for the search's beginning and ending range. If you want to print labels for all zip codes starting with zero, for example, you specify 00000 as the beginning range, and 10000 as the ending range.

To Err is Forbidden Part II

PRINT ERL returns the line number in which the error happened. Line 30010 tells us what and where the error is, and line 30020 stops execution so we can make some decisions. Possibly the error involves inoperable data, such as trying to take the square root of a negative number. In this case, we just want to go back to make another data entry. On the other hand, if the error is one that needs fixing, we are going to have to leave the execute mode for repairs.

Lnw System Expansion Ii Micro Design Mdx Micro Design Mdx Holmes Eng M Double Density Multiplier

Stock Tracker 2.6 is an enhancement of the Stock Tracker 2.5 which is a keyboard data-entry version. The original Stock Tracker is used to perform technical volume analysis of individual securities, generate buy and sell signals, graphs, and other information on demand. A companion program, called Market Tracker, retails for 225 and is used for overall stock market analysis and trend prediction.


Communal Data Entry Enter data on either MS-DOS or TRSDOS computers with this common data-entry routine. The actual work of entering the data for this project was to be split up among three computers, one IBM clone and two Model 4's. I needed a program common to both types of machines, so I wrote Multipurpose Data Entry, or MDEntry (see Program Listings 1 and 2). See photo for sample data input screen. As I started to write MDEntry, I thought how often I had written almost this same program for entering data. However, to convert an old program, I would have to do a complete rewrite. What I needed was a versatile program that would let me rewrite the rewrite if I decided to enter more data. In addition, I wanted a data-entry program that I could use with other data programs. I wanted to be able to expand it and to custom-fit it to other needs. And it had to run on both machines.

Tax Preparation

Federal 1040 Tax System is designed for the tax preparer who does a high volume of tax returns. To facilitate efficient data entry, the prompts coincide exactly with the input sheets provided. By performing tax computations after complete data entry, the system reduces data entry time. Tax Package is designed for the tax preparer who does a high volume of tax returns. To facilitate efficient data entry, the prompts coincide exactly with the input sheets provided. By performing tax computations after complete data entry, the system reduces data entry time. W.L. Software, Incorporated_(503) 688-7596 1-22

Creation Programs

Up to five different user-defined data entry screens are possible their format is totally free, and can even use the Model III special characters On the data entry screen, you can specify what type of information goes into each field, using any of these formats By using more than one screen, you can have a field that can be examined by anyone, but only users with a password can alter the information. You can even have fields that are not visible to everyone. If your existing manual data entry system is not too large, you can duplicate it on the screen for maximum ease of data entry and operator training.

The Proper Format

None of the above edits cares about the position of any particular character. They simply filter character entry one by one when the entered field is recorded. The rest of the global edits format data entry in various ways. This means that the position a particular character occupies in its field may be significant.

More Clan

I too use CLAN and have located the bugs mentioned by Jim Savage. Unfortunately I have omitted to document them as the same bug appears more than once, but it is easy to fix. The program files are in Basic, and one must list the data entry files. Look for number of the year that your version will not accept and change it for a higher value. Different versions I have fixed have different cutoff years. As I recall, about 3 fixes are required. As mentioned in the instructions of CLAN, different printers may require changes in printer instruction codes to get correct readout.

Taking Stock

Like most financial analysis programs, Stockvalue has sections for data entry, data processing and calculations, and reports. I designed Stockvalue's data entry to be as fast and efficient as possible. You can enter data directly into the program using data statements. This requires some programming knowledge, but it avoids data input and output problems, such as the loss of data on unintentional

Base Conversion

This is a BASIC computer program that I have written for base conversion. It allows for the entry of a number in any base (2 through 16) and will calculate and print the equivalent value in a new base as specified by the user (again, 2 through 16). The allowable place holders (digits) of 0-9 and A-F are held in a dimensioned string variable for comparison of the data entered. A maximum value of 10,000,000 (base 10) has been set for the initial data entry.


In NEWLINE numerical information can be entered with ease from the keypad since all separating commas are added by the program. Each data item is entered individually and stored in the same data line until you type in . A indicates completion of data entry in the current line and causes the next line number to be displayed. Each line number is incremented by 10. Entering END stops data from being entered and causes the data lines to be written to a disk file named TEMPXFER. If you discover that you made a mistake on the previous item of data, just type XX instead of the next data item and you can type that item over again.


If an amateur sport is worth planning for, then for certain, your system integration needs are worth planning too. But neither confuse needs with preferences nor forget to include intangibles into the cost benefit calculations if you can. Your present system may not have any duplication of data-entry, but some desired enhancement to your system may have been discarded from your consideration unwittingly because of a (quite natural) fear that you might have to type in all that data twice. And of course, temporary (to become permanent ) data-entry clerks, to duplicate, or triplicate, all that data. JS

Global Concerns

Another type of global edit restricts data entry to sets of alternatives. YESNO lets you enter only Y , y , N , or n and converts the character entered to upper case. SEX does the same thing for F or M . The remaining global edits filter data entry, and are used mainly to build other edits, both global edits and local edits. Local edits are entirely user-defined. Whereas you can have up to 100 global edits in your entire data base, you can define up to 100 local edits for each data base file. Local edits apply only to the file in which they were created.

Turning The Tables

Filling them in is somewhat like writing a program in BASIC, but easier. There are only a few key words to learn and some syntax rules to follow. What you get for your efforts is total control over all input and manipulation of your data. The operator can be directed from screen to screen during data entry, prompted for this, prevented from doing that, spoon-fed the third. The screen creation program even lets you define the path the cursor will take during data entry and updating. In the coming months, we'll study the use of these processing tables in some detail. They constitute one of the keys to Multi-User Profile's great flexibility. They also enable you to make profoundly elegant data base operations.


DSRS is easy to use and all commands are menu selections. The user is prompted for all required information and data entries. Command selections are available to provide numerous options for data retrieval, searching, sorting and printing. Each data file is configured at the time of creation, so the user is riot locked into a particular number of data fields. Each data entry consists of a number of named fields such as name, address, or phone number, which are defined by the user. In accordance with standard BASIC characteristics, up to 240 bytes may be typed in for each of the fields of data entry. The use of the lineinput command allows the user to include normal punctuation within the line. Once the fields have been named, the program will proceed with the data entry sequence, prompting the user to enter a line of data for each field of each entry. While in this mode, the uparrow key may be used to back up to the previous line of entry in order to correct mistakes. The data entry...

So Accountant

Payroll data is entered into the SSG system in batches. Although the screen presentation and data entry phase are relatively cumbersome, the number of different items that the system will accept is outstanding. Data such as withholding tax overrides, special payments and expense reimbursements are easily accommodated. The Model II Payroll's data entry screen displays the full gross to net calculation. Changes are easily made to the necessary fields and the calculation is updated instantly. In addition, there is a time card calculator mode which allows you to input daily hours and calculate the weekly hours right on the screen, which is a great aid to data entry. At the conclusion to the data entry phase, a payroll journal can be printed. In the SSG system the data that is entered must be sorted and a batch listing prepared before the payroll can be calculated. From a security point of view, separating the data entry function and calculation procedure is better. In the Radio Shack...


Richard Halloran'stipson using terminal files offers some interesting alternatives to data entry, but there is one bug in the process. Greater flexibility in data format can be achieved if LINEINPUT is used instead of INPUT this allows any characters to be included in the data, even quotes. Also, I recommend using line numbers from 1000 this allows quite a large file to be entered and keeps the number of characters to be stripped off the front of each line to fixed number. Allowing for the space after the line number, plus the comment quote (6 characters in all), the MID (A ,7) function works nicely. After the line has been LINEINPUT, it can be broken up and manipulated as needed by the various string functions and VAL(). Of course, INPUT also works well if the data format is consistent from line to line.

Windows In Basic

There are two kinds of windows to be written In Basic. I call them informative and active windows. If the program can restore a screen, then a window consisting of an attention getting Informative mes sage can be displayed within a border, say, upon certain data entry errors.


When you run Program Listing 2, it prompts you to type in the totals for each column. After you enter the numbers, type in 999 to terminate data entry. Your printer should be on, and it will print the following a tiny box, the pin firing codes (the column values), and a three-line series of the character in different font sizes (elongated, normal, and condensed).


EXPAND YOUR DATA HORIZONS Maxi Manager II expands your horizons with up to 60 characters per field and 50 fields per record, for a maximum record size of 800 characters. The Maxi Manager II data entry video display is user-formatted. Graphics characters can be mixed with text, and you decide where each field appears.

Fort Worth Computers

To invoke a menu option, press the number key corresponding to the menu number on the screen. You can erase a window, dump the screen to the printer, or go back to the input subroutine. You don't have to erase a window that you plan to overwrite with a new pie chart or data Windows does it automatically when you choose that window number during data entry.

Minor Fund Raising

After discussing possible computer uses with other faculty, we found out that the school newspaper needed mailing labels printed for their subscribers. We have set up a subscriber file and now run off mailing labels for 30 each. This nets the department about 5.00 every two weeks. All data entry and processing is done by the students, it only took one hour to train students to run the program. We are now investigating setting up data files for other in-school needs. Even though the administration has access to outside computer services, smaller organizations within the school do not. Some potential


'What is in Peru ' really is looking to match the word Peru, not 'in Peru'. If another data entry contains the word Peruvian, it will also be displayed. There is no worry about using too many keywords in a statement. The data is stored in the first file that it fits. If your statement contains no keywords, it is stored in a default file. Data retieval is sequential and a worst case search for information could take a few minutes. Each data entry is restricted to about 240 characters maximum. You may inquire for information and request that all files be examined, or that only a specific keyword file be used. This is not a data base manager. Don't expect fancy reports or field arithmetic. There is no editing of entries, you just kill and re-enter the data. You have the ability to perform multiple kills and delete more than one entry. You have no report formatting or report generation, but you can have the results from inquiries printed out. I have used the program to enter information...

Educational Programs

TIGGER-GRAF Create engineering, scientific, business, or just plain fun on your IDS 440G or 460G printer. Resolution is 495 x 575. Easy BASIC programs provided for data entry and machine language module for speed. Includes setting individual points, drawing lines, shading shapes. Several graphs may be catenated along the Y-axis for larger graphs. Requires Mod I 32 or 48K 1 disk . . 149.95

Pacific Exchanges

Because taxpayers will never get data to the accountant on time, we still have to process an enormous amount of information in a very short time. The best use of microcomputers in the tax preparation process is in the data entry phase. Of all data processing devices currently available, micros are least capable of handling large volumes of printing and processing. The average configuration is usually equipped with slow speed disk storage and character printers. Even a fast character printer has rates under 100 lines per minute. After data entry, the program stores all variables on the disk. At this point, you can generate an estate tax projection, however, EPM makes several assumptions. These include an estimate of an expense factor of 5 percent of the gross estate and the use of Ohio estate tax rates in the state tax projection.

Experience Shows

Payroll involves many complex calculations and the production of reports and documents, many of which are required by government agencies. The Payroll system performs all necessary payroll tasks including file maintenance, pay data entry and verification, computation of pay and deduction amounts, and the

Two Stroke a Side

The rest of the program is menu driven (see Fig. 1). You select program options by entering the appropriate number. See Fig. 2 for examples of typical data entry procedures. All data entries are tested for errors. The menu options should provide the user with all needed manipulations.

Rem End Of List

The ability to sort via any field, the speed of data entry, and the ease of editing are all very impressive. The authors have taken much care in designing this program. It is very well error trapped. If you give an invalid command, the cursor will jump to the error (e.g. missing filespec) and force you to do it Volume I will give you access to over fifty machine language subroutines in the Radio Shack Level II BASIC. It includes information on the numeric data formats and a commented listing of the ROM routines. THE BOOK, Volume I , encompasses all arithmetic functions and mathematical operations. There are separate routines for integers, single precision, and double precision numbers and the data format for each of these number types is explained. The routines that perform ASCII to binary and binary to ASCII conversion are identified and explained to provide you a means of data I O.

For all models

440 - 460 Initial data collection routine 460 Reconcile length of list with dimensions of X(J) 470 - 490 Interactive keyboard data entry 500 Initialize SUM 510 Print column headings 520 - 570 FOR-NEXT loop to compute SUM and MEAN 530 Accumulate SUM 540 Compute cumulative average 550 Print current results 560 Hold screen every 12 lines for sequential inspection 580 - 590 Save final SUM and AVERAGE

Operating Sequence

(1 (ENTER initiates a print of the X and Y values for each data entry. If a larger number is entered, the review will start with that sequence number. If a number, decimal point, and two-digit numbers are entered, the review will be limited to the range of data starting with the number to the left of the decimal point and ending with the sequence number of the number to the right of the decimal, (i.e., 4.09 would limit the review of the data to the X and Y starting with X 4 and ending with X 9.)

Worked Example

The fact is that we have a Head Office Order Entry Accounts Receivable database, and it has no pre-defined means of interfacing with the sales offices Profile databases. In any case, they are at different locations. We check a few more facts here and there, and yes, it should be feasible to get the relevant data from here to there without adding any more data entry clerks. Watch out for one thing though. As we grow, we may need to get a little more organized here at Head Office, which is the only place we do the telephone Order Entry and Accounts Receivable. It should be OK if we watch it carefully.

Next Return

The custom programs you generate from this software provide for Data Entry, Additions, Changes, Record Locating & Searches, great variety of Computations, and Report Printing (if you have a printer). It lets you decide what data to manipulate and how to manipulate it. It lets you decide the formats you want to appear on your screen and or to print out in a report. It lets you use differing formats on the same data base. It lets'you make calculations from data within records without altering the data base. It lets you report results with or without including the base data from which results were calculated.


For all data entry, and allows punctuation to be used within a field. As an example, city, state and zip could be the name of a single field, and the city, state, and zip code could be entered with commas separating the items. One must be careful, however, since the field is still treated as a single item and cannot be broken down further, which means you could not generate a listing only of cities, states or zips. Separate listings would reqiiire separate fields for each item.


I use a multi-purpose data entry and sort routine on my Model III that I wrote in COBOL. Those of you who use COBOL know that the strength of COBOL is also its greatest liability all variables, disk file types, output display formats, and intermediate procedures must be strictly defined before any logic is coded. This makes COBOL easy to read and debug, but any error causes the program to fail totally, and error-correction requires editing and time-consuming recompiling. Hence, to be useful, my multi-purpose program must be easily changeable with a minimum possibility of errors being introduced. SCRIPSIT makes this possible.


Used to head reports, invoices and statements. Each sub-system also uses a common account file to specify accounts acceptable for data entry when processing. Unfortunately, the account file used for the general ledger is different from the account file used for receivables and payables. As a result you can create an account in a sub-system that is not a general ledger account. The system will detect this discrepancy when you update the general ledger, but in a system as sophisticated as this one, this type of problem should not occur.


The highly touted 80-key type-ahead which was added to TRSDOS 2.0 doesn't function properly in BASIC. At the cost of the loss of the HOLD key function, it does after installation of fix number thirteen. Since type-ahead can appreciably speed up data entry, I chose to plug it in. Automatic ranging of the y-axis Complete control of end points 6 cursors, 2 on X, 2 on Y and 2 blinking Fool proof data entry Error trapping

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To be honest there is no free download for Data Entry Direct. You have to pay for it, just as you have to pay for a car, or for a pair of shoes, or to have your house painted.

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