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This is a platform that lets you play a game and earn some money. You can join to play new and unreleased games, take online surveys, participate in focus groups, try new games, gaming consoles or controllers, preview new movie or game trailer, or review new games on an hourly basis. The platform features games from notable brands such as Rockstar, Nintendo, EA, Gameloft, Bungie, Arari, Mojang, and many more. Video Game Tester is simply like working online. It is perfect for unemployed, those who want to earn from the side, or if you are just bored and want to pass some times by playing video games. Big gaming companies usually hire people to test and review their video games for glitches. They want honest feedback from testers so they can make changes before launching the game or for future references. The testers are usually paid a fortune just to identify bugs and glitches in a game. Continue reading...

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The Boston Museum of Fine Arts school graduate added Everyone's looking for new fantasies in the movies. Outer space has been done to death. They've gone inside the body and under the sea. We've created a world in TRON by taking video games and just blowing them out to the point where they're reality. Video games were the basis for the fantasy computer imagery was the means to create it. I'm fascinated with the idea of artificial graphics interacting with real people in a time mode, the Cunningham, PA, native told Omni magazine. I've always been interested in video and computer games and I feel it's significant that the computer people and the video people are forming a bridge between the two camps. TRON is giving us a chance to create our own mythology, our own archetypal characters for the Computer Age. More than the plot of TRON is tied to the 5 billion video game industry. Arcade giant Bally Manufacturing of Chicago has created a TRON video game and installed it in its 240...

Extra Extra Electronic Newspapers Hit The Screens

All of the electronic papers offer basic news as well as special features created specifically for CompuServe customers including on-line updating of current news, video games and advertisements. The Columbus Dispatch offers a wide variety of on-line entertainment including entertainment news, movies and other reviews, plus the local, state and national news. The Dispatch also offers two video games Starforce Marauder and Remove a logic game. Starforce Marauder, an interactive space mission could raise even the eyebrows of the skeptical Spock. To complete your mission, you must move through quadrants on a patrol route provided with an arsenal of weapons. You must complete your patrol route before your battle armor runs out of power.

Dilemma For Teachers

Unfortunately, student work which is written in essay form is another matter. Traditionally, such work is read by the teacher, who then assesses the quality of the student effort and annotates the paper with his or her remarks as to the student's performance. Since I am a firm believer in the vital importance of student essay work in the process of education, it is not unknown for my comments on papers to rival those of the pupils in length. But vital though it be, the spectre of a weekend of such grading has been enough to drive a teacher to drink, video games, or both. Specifically, there appear to be four aspects of grading student essays which contribute heavily to teacher antipathy toward this type of student assignment. Grading essays has often tended to be

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Skilled players soon master many difficult computer games, but COSMIC PATROL is in a world all its own. The challenge intensifies Supporting graphics and sound (optional) make each encounter an exciting new experience. It all adds up to a Super 3-S package .skill, sight and sound. Don't keep putting quarter after quarter into arcade games or spending big bucks for video game cartridges. Get Cosmic Patrol from Instant Software and get the best for less (Tl)

Bugs Errors And Fixes

Products, and I have never seen a CP M program that did not require an 80 character by 24 line screen. Most of the programs also require 52K or more memory. So while the 595 64K machine above might get its CP M processor board someday, it still won't run any currently available software. A big name in the video game business announced a 4K. 200, CP M based computer that is also restricted to a 40 character screen. The sad thing is that people are going to buy these products based on these crazy claims.

The Ultimate Star Trek Package

Tired ot 1 nviei computer games This complete Star Tie* package miu provide you mith endless fascination end challenge in addi hon to the program cassette < r includes comprehensive instructioni. a pad ot Voyage Log record sheets and a tree 1 tending Torpedo and Maneuvenng Chart Does the ebove scenario sound far fetched' Not et en It s e small sample o* mhst you mill 0tpenence mith Micro Mega s Gammy fny,ronment mh*h consnts ot TheSTAP TPln PACKAGE The GPEEN SCPEEN and The CPU MONlTOP The fast paced and dynamic action reflects the superb Star Tree 111 program together mith the Voyage Log and Torpedo Chart Of the Star Trek Pacnege An of the unique graphic displays are greet ty enhanced by the Green Screen finally the uncanny sound effects ere pro duced by the CPU Monitor mh< h ta-thfuiry press up the fOP NEMT loops end other CPU patterns mhich create the JWWClW Siren sounds thet eccompeny the ALEPT end DAMAGE messages along mith the harsher notes ot the meapons servos Once you ve...

The Original Greenscreen

The Green-Screen is closely matched to the color and texture of the TRS-80 Video Display and improves the overall appearance of your system. It is attached with adhesive strips, which do not mar your display unit in any way. The Micro-Mega Green-Screen gives improved video display visibility for all applications and is espciaily effective in creating dramatic, high-impact displays for computer games. (See Gaming Environment below.)

Childrens Computer Workshop Develops Educational Software for Radio Shack

For thirteen years Children's Television Workshop has demonstrated successfully the philosophy that one of the greatest vehicles for learning is fun. The computer games developed by Children's Computer Workshop, a wholly owned subsidiary of Children's Television Workshop, continue this tradition of combining fun with education. The first two clusters of Children's Computer Workshop games for use with the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, using Extended Color BASIC, are now available through all Radio Shack stores. Children's Computer Workshop's computer games have extended the goals, pioneered by Children's Television Workshop in television with Sesame Street, The Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact.*The aim is to create software that is wholesome and engaging, encouraging children to play constructively and learn actively. Children's Computer Workshop games allow children to experiment and explore, to think and solve problems, and to practice skills while they are having fun. The...

Memory Expansion For

Computer games started with Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman. It was fun to watch the computer act like an intelligent being, making decisions, apparently on its own. Maybe the fascination was that of seeing a machine act semi-human. A few years ago, David Ahl published a collection of computer games called Basic Computer Games. It had them all, from AceyDucey to Word, It even included a Star Trek game, one of the most popular computer games.

View From the Seventh Floor

The editors tell me this issue is on games. Now, while I do not play a lot of games, I see enough of them to drive me nuts. My home is a test bed for Color Computer games with my 13 and 16 year olds being the active testers. I see a lot of games that you will never see either, because they simply do not make the grade, or because they go through a lot of modifications from start to finish. To preserve my sanity, I do have the kids wear earphones to play some of the action games.

Cooperation And Competition

Another important issue concerning computer games is that of isolation of the individual. Sometimes kids want to play by themselves. Sometimes they want to have something they can do on their own, away from other people. That can be a good thing. Again, we think these should be alternatives for children. We think this is a medium that should not necessarily isolate people. It can be a medium that facilitates communication between people. We set out to create a group of games that would use the computer medium to get children to talk to one another and work together. In fact, that is what happens in these games. When kids play them, they are usually very quiet in the beginning and then, a couple of minutes into the game, an amazing thing starts happening they start talking to each other. Because they have to communicate to go any further, to improve their score, the cooperation and collaboration happen naturally, as a part of game play. Once they get to that point, there is a lot of...

Hundreds Of Useful Capabilities

Where have all the good times gone While most of 80 Micro's articles are helpful, my main interest is in computer games. You no longer publish two of my favorite columns, Gamer's Cafe and Fun House, and now it seems that most of your programs are in Assembly language rather than in Basic. Whatever happened to Richard Ramella

Line By Line Commentary

Basic Computer Games More Basic Computer Games Creative Computing has long been Number 1 in applications and software for micros, minis, and time-sharing systems for homes, schools and small businesses. Loads of applications every issue text editing, graphics, communications, artificial intelligence, simulations, data base and file systems, music synthesis, analog control. Complete programs with sample runs. Programming techniques sort algorithms, file structures, shuffling, etc. Coverage of electronic and video games and other related consumer electronics products, too.

Compu Serve Information ServiceAn Overview

What is the CompuServe Information Service The CompuServe Information Service (CIS) is a videotex service enabling thousands of personal computer users to access a variety of business, consumer, and entertainment offerings including electronic banking and shopping, current and historical corporate stock and commodities information, electronic mail and real-time communications, family information and education, computer games, up-to-the minute news, and computer power for programming activities.

Midwest Computer Camp for Young People

Midwest Computer Camp is the largest, independent, year around, residential camp exclusively devoted to computer education in the United States. It boasts of a staff to camper ratio of 1 4 and computer to student ratio of better than 1 1. Campers spend over six hours per day in computer training. Additional time is spent in open sessions working on programs or playing computer games. In addition outdoor recreation is available for a well-rounded camping experience.

Compu Serve Also Available Via Datapac In Canada

Canadian customers can take advantage of the full range of services on CompuServe including the latest news from major newspapers and a national U.S. wire service, corporate stock and commodities trading information, home banking, electronic mail and real-time communications, computer games, family information and computing power for programming activities.


At the time the TRS-80 was being developed, graphics was the big buzzword in the hobby computer industry. Graphics helped in the transition from video games to hobby computers for the American public. The marketing people at Tandy were probably so insistent on having better graphics that they overlooked one of the most important markets for the TRS-80 word processing.

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Tandy did not tell us (to be fair, we didn't ask the question in those terms) but it is not too difficult to work out. There has been a lot of requests for high resolution colour graphics from Model I and III owners but the hardware and memory mapping of this machine preclude a simple, economical solution to the problem. Equally, many people have been buying video games machines which have become more and more intelligent, culminating in the Atari 400 and 800 microcomputers. Tandy has obviously seen an opportunity to enter a new market - the super-intelligent video games machine. Model I and Model III owners will have to make a choice. Do they want to stay with their more powerful (in computing terms) more expandable systems and put up with low resolution monochrome graphics, or would they prefer the high resolution colour graphics display of the Colour Computer, knowing that it will never be capable of all the serious uses to which the Model I Model III can be put.

The News From Plumb

Here's an easy way to keep up with the latest news in arcade video games. Coin Games Net, 213-336-5535, is owned and operated by Amusement World arcades in Los Angeles. The board lists what's out and what's coming in the race to gobble your quarters. The board also contains a list of computer stores and products, a download section for computers, movie reviews, and message exchange board.


In Richard Zepp's program Asteroids, I have attained a score of 4812 on page number 161. That score was a little harder to reach since I added some lines to give more of a challenge after 2000 points are reached. And, for those of you who play coin-op video games, I have added a wrap around feature.

Cosmic Patrol

WARNING PLAYERS OF THIS GAME SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR A STATE OF REALISM HITHERTO UNAVAILABLE ON THE TRS-80 Skilled players soon master many difficult computer games, but COSMIC PATROL is in a world all its own. The challenge intensifies Supporting graphics and sound (optional) make each encounter an exciting new experience. It all adds up to a Super 3-S package .skill, sight and sound. Don't keep putting quarter after quarter into arcade games or spending big bucks for video game cartridges. Get Cosmic Patrol from Instant Software and get the best for less (Tl or T2)


WARNING PLAYERS OF THIS GAME SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR A STATE OF REALISM HITHERTO UNAVAILABLE ON THE TRS-80 Skilled players soon master many difficult computer games, but COSMIC PATROL is in a world all its own. The challenge intensifies Supporting graphics and sound (optional) make each encounter an exciting new experience. It all adds up to a Super 3-S package skill, sight and sound. Don't keep putting quarter after quarter into arcade games or spending big bucks for video game cartridges. Get Cosmic Patrol from Instant Software and get the best for less (Tl)

Lisp Interpreter

My game rankings are purely subjective, and may be slightly slanted since I get to see the magic graphics that are available on the video machines from Atari, Coleco, and Mattel. The machines from Tandy hold their own against the video game competition, and are much more useful. Poltergeist, the first in the see the movie, play the computer game trend for Radio Shack, challenges you to rescue little Carol Ann from the evil poltergeists. You have to maneuver through three different series of obstacles.

The Concept

A Merit's of computer games 11 which plavcrs become characters of their own design, characters who must grow in skill and wisdom to survive the challenges presented them. Characters developed in the simpler of the games would be transferrahlc to the more difficult as their abilities increase. Rather than offering one fixed goal in one set maze, the software would have to contain thousands of potential goals and thousands of possible pitfalls, for thousands of hours of amusement. The concept, in short, was for the creation of a series of games unlike any available in the microcomputer market.

The Oreenscreen

The Green-Screen is closely matched to the color and texture ol the TRS-& ) Video Display and improves the overall appearance ol your system It is attached with adhesive strips, which do not mar your display unit in any way The Micro-Mega Green-Screen gnres improved video display visibility lor all applications and is especially ellectrve m creating dramatic, high impact displays lor computer games iSee Gaming Environment below Tired ot trivial computer games This complete Star Trek package will provide you with endless lascination and challenge In addition to the program cassette, it includes comprehensive instructions, a pad ot

Education Bo

These examples demonstrate that some games have a place in education. If games make learning fun, why, now that the computer is involved, does the question of their usefulness arise again Is it because computer games are so much fun that learning seems to be missing Or do teachers and parents still associate microcomputer games with those video-arcade games which have little educational merit other than developing fine eye-hand coordination I'll conclude this overview of games in education with three observations. First, the instructional value of a computer game is not fixed. Just as with any instructional material, it must be matched to the level, readiness, and need of the student.


And another thing, Tom, he went on, no more talk about using our valuable time playing computer games If you want games, play them after school on your own time, not ours. Or, of course, transfer to Krashet's class across the hall. 24 80-U.S. Journal Computer games he said to himself with conviction, Bah, Humbug


An introduction to the BASIC language through computer games. Written in an informal style, it stimulates interest in creative programming of games of chance and of skill. Teaching by example, these games illustrate the various programming techniques at stages of difficulty which are suitable to almost unlimited modification, simplification, or amplification. Emphasis is on prompting creativity on the part of the reader. The text requires little knowledge of elementary mathematics.

Microcomputer IMews

This issue of Microcomputer News is full of all types of games, and game related programs and articles. We have games for the Color Computers, the Model I III 4. and even Pocket Computer games to fill in the holes. We have deliberately kept other material to a minimum so we could get as many of these programs to you as possible.


As I have mentioned before, I enjoy writing games. Especially, I enjoy taking programs written for other computers and rewriting them for my TRS-80. The game of REVERSE was originally written by Peter Sessions sometime before 1978, and was published by David Ahl in his book 'BASIC COMPUTER GAMES'.

Space Games

The unknowns of space are the background for the most popular computer games. Below are both well known games based on Star Trek and Star Wars plus orginal, new games for your TRS-80,, All work in 16k Level II, except for Star Warp which only requires 4k. from Device Orientated Games An excellent adopatation of one of the (first) oldest and best loved computer games by the same name. In machine language with a variety of options and for two players. Play with or without the gravity of the sun, for example. One of the best. 9.95.

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