Biorhythm Awareness

Biorhythm Awareness

Who else wants to take advantage of biorhythm awareness to avoid premature death, escape life threatening diseases, eliminate most of your life altering mistakes and banish catastrophic events from your life.

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Commercial Biorhythms

This program prints a full year Biorhythm chart on any printer. Documentation includes examples of ways to sell these charts. Let your computer help pay for its self. Whether for fun or profit, this is the ultimate Biorhythm program For Model I or III, Lvl II. On cassette. COMMERCIAL BIORHYTHMS 14.95 Visa and MasterCard accepted. California residents add 6.5 sales tax.

Biorhythm for the Color Computer

This biorhythm program requires 16K extended BASIC, screen print software and a printer. The program not only puts your biorhythm on the screen, it also produces a printout. To produce a hardcopy, press f c r) fCTD when the chart has been completed on the screen. To use Mr. Javanaphet's Biorhythm program with the Hi-Res Screen Print Utilities package, lines 920 and 930 should be changed to read Now activate the screen print program, following the instructions in the Hi-Res manual for the program you loaded to use with your printer. After the chart has been printed, you will need to press the left arrow key to delete the impression of the key used to activate the screen print program. Then just type CONT to complete the Biorhythm program. 10 REM *** BIORHYTHM PROGRAM BY *** 20 REM *** EK-UDOM C.JAVANAPHET *** 30 REM *** 5-28-1983 FRESNO, CA *** 40 CLS PRINT071, *** BIORHYTHM *** 50 A - BIORHYTHM THEORY ORIGINATED IN EUROPE TOWARD 140 PRINT 71, *** BIORHYTHM *** 150 PRINT 133, DATE...

Biorhythm Line

After typing G.9110 CETSITXRD, you will see the prompt START(MM.YYYY). Enter the date of the month on which you want the chart to begin. You are then asked to enter the name of the person for which the chart is being made. Next you are asked to enter that person's birth date (MMDD.YYYY)'and finally the number of months to be covered by the chart. Mr. Brown included a sample chart for Elvis.

The Softcore Software Co

The program to compute bio-rhythms is really very simple. BIOR PRG computes Biorhy-thms for a specified month and year, given the month, day and year of birth. In Program Listing 2 lines 40 and 50 read BIOR SUB and DATM64 from disk and line 60 defines 8100H as the address of the user subroutine called in line 120. In line 130, XP,XE,XI are the increments in radians for each wave. The beginning arguments for each sine wave, BP, BE,BI, are computed in line 160. Line 200 begins a loop For each day of the month, the sine for each rhythm is computed and displayed. An option lists the biorhythm as shown in Fig. 1. On the CRT, the waves go across the screen, while they go down the page on the List device. BIORHYTHMS FOR LINDA BORN 07 07 1943 BEGINNING 04 01 1981

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Pocket biorhythms I set out to develop a program which would allow the computer to demonstrate itself in such a manner that even the non-computer types would gain an appreciation for its capabilities. I wanted to make the program self-instructive and conversational. Plus, I wanted to deal with a subject that would be familiar and interesting to a wide cross-section of people. What I came up with is a program entitled Pocket Biorhythm Demonstration . It satisfies the self-instructional and conversational requirements, and it has proven to be of much interest to those to whom I've shown it. In fact, it has even proven to be an effective ice-breaker in getting to know people better Ami for the computer types, it Now I don't claim to be an expert on the subject of biorhythms I just know enough to make me mildly dangerous The idea behind biorhythms revolves around the theory that on the day a person is born, three cyclical clocks start ticking in their body. One such clock is referred to...

Scrip for the PC

BIORHYTHM 9110 entering CDlQj and the appropriate Menu code such as def) cm to list the Menu, CELEB CBfor the SCRIP program, def (TP for the Banners program, etc. The last seven routines (column 2) can be accessed by typing G. and the appropriate line number, i.e., G.5 for Status 2Global, G.9110 for Biorhythm, etc. For iF1 STATUS, you can also use Function Key 1 4time, Function Key 4 i5LF1, Function Key 5 and 6LF-2, Function Key 6.


Your article and challenge on biorhythm was interesting and I would like to share my own investigation of biorhythm with you. Since I know both of our birth dates, I have compared our biorhythm curves on the days when he won and the days when I won. I can find no correlation better than chance-

Tlc Computer

The board comes with over 40 programs and files which make it easier to use. serve as practical applications, demonstrate its capabilities, and serve as programming examples The software works with TRSDOS 1.3, 6.1.2, 6.2, LDOS, NEW DOS80, and DOSPLUS The Grafyx Solution is also supported by a number of optional applications programs Draw. Bizgraph, xT CAD. 3D Plot, Mathplot. Surface Plot, Biorhythm & USA. Music


The programs range from Ricochet, Star Trek, and Biorhythms ( 25 each) to two six-game packages ( 70 and 75) and Scott Adams' Adventures 1-12 ( 129.95). For those who insist on sticking to business, there's an amortization calculator ( 25) and Deluxe Personal Finance ( 79.95). .

Minor Fund Raising

Each fall the school sponsors a carnival and fund raiser called an Oktoberfest . During Oktoberfest weekend, we open up the computer room and sell game-time and specialized printouts for 500 to 2.00 each Students have written programs that will print out Biorhythms, posters, calendars, etc. A customer can play anything from Tic-Tac-Toe to Chess for 250 to 1.00 depending on the length of time to play During just one weekend we were able to raise about 200.00. There is almost no overhead and students are more than willing to man the booth . In fact, for many students in programming there is nothing more appealing than to have access to the computers all day and night.