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MAIL PACII and CHECKING PLUS represent a new generation of computer software. Our software doesn't even need a manual! Anyone can quickly learn to use either package by following simple, explicit on-screen instructions. But, for those of you who insist — we've included a complete user's manual as well.

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Stores from one to one million names in Zip Code. Numerical or Alphabetical order. The only limitation is your disk storage space.

Flexibility —

Prints your mailing list on 1,2, 3. or 4-across labels (with up to 5 user-defined lines on each label) or as a compact, user-designed directory The record length is completely user-defined, and each field within each of your records is completely variable (allowing storage of any number of characters for any particular address entry). Devote fields to telephone numbers, codes, or even special messages related to each particular name on file.

A built-in word processor allows you to create personalized form letters for each address on your list (or just a particular group of addresses).

Create new mailing lists, review existing lists, handle changes of address, delete cancelled names, sort lists, and purge duplicate names from your files. Complete on-screen instructions tell you in plain english exactly how to accomplish all of these tasks.

MAIL PAC II $99.95

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