Nodvill Diet

PROGRAM $69.95


With your TRS-80 Double Density Disk Model I/III/4 and

The NODVILL DIET PROGRAM "Take a Byte you con quickly and accurately:

* Calculate caloric and nutritive food Intake

* Evaluate nutritive value o( your diet

* Compare dally diet to individual RDA Chart

* Create personalized dally meals and menus

* Plan varied dally menus based on sound nutrition

* Save records ot dally meals and menus for future planning

* Print nutrition charts, food, meal, menu and grocery lists

"Take a Byte" Is a Modular BASIC Program MAIN Program Menu

(1) Recommended Daily Dietary Allowance (RDA) CHART

(2) 733 Expandable Random Access FOOD LIST Data File

(3) 28 Nutritional MEAL LIST Data File Examples

(4) 7 Balanced DAILY MENU LIST Data File Examples

(5) GROCERY LIST Program Module

(6) 25 Page USER'S MANUAL including Charts and Tables

—™ NODVILL Software 24 Nod Road Ridgefleld, Conn. 06877 TRS-80 Is a Trademark ol the Tandy Corporation

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