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TRS-80 Modeta I, III, & Color Computer Interfacing Prefects

Computer Interfacing Simple Projects

Computer cart

Computer interfacing projects

Computer Interfacing Projects mS-80 Mode/s /, III, & Color Computer Interfacing Projects (ISBN 0-672-22009-1) by William Barden, Jr., gives techniques for translating real-world events into computer language. The $14.95 paperback has schematics, illustrations, diagrams, equipment suggestions, and many specific examples. The text is available at local bookstores or contact Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., 4300 West 62nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46268 (317) 298-5400.

COBOL Fundamentals

Radio Shack has a new educational software package designed to teach the fundamentals of COBOL programming. The material is designed >£or secondary and college students and adults. The material can be used in a classroom setting or as a self-teaching program. The software, which is available for the Models II, 12, or 16,

Four-outlet power filter sells for $49.95. Its use requires the COBOL Development System (#26-4703, $299). For more information contact your local Computer Center or dealer.

Four-outlet Power Filter

The Wire Tree™ is a four-outlet filtered power source which mounts easily on the computer work station. It offers continuous protection through its surge-limiting solid-state circuitry that is built-in to its four grounded outlets. The circuitry absorbs any dangerous spike energy before it reaches the computer by providing an extremely rapid decrease in circuit impedance.

The device filters out transverse and common RFI noise. Control of the total system power is from a single, illuminated on-off switch which is recessed to prevent accidental shut off. The Wire Tree™ is protected by an 8 ampere fuse and has a one year warranty. For more information contact NETWORX,

203 Harrison Place, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (212) 821-7555.

PC-2 Forecasting

Pocketlnfo Corporation has a graphics trend-analysis and forecasting program for the Radio Shack PC-2 and Sharp PC-1500 computers. It can provide moving average, exponential moving average and least squares analysis of your data. Data is saved in a spreadsheet-like file and can be graphed in multiple colors. The graphs show both the original data and the trend or forecast line. Up to three trend lines can be plotted on each graph. The program sells for $29.95 on cassette tape. For more information and a free catalog of over 40 other programs for the Radio Shack Pocket and Model 100 computers, contact Pocketlnfo Corp., P.O. Box 152, Beaverton, OR 97075 (503) 649-8145.

Computer Cart The EC-15 computer cart has an

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Media safe adjustable top shelf and work station as well as a single, neon-lighted switch which conveniently turns the complete computer system on and off. The beige colored table features heavy gauge steel construction, with one inch tubular legs on four inch casters, two with locking brakes. For more information about the EC-15, or a copy of the Bretford catalog, contact Bretford Manufacturing Inc., 9715 Soreng Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176 (312) 678-2545.

Media Safe

The Model 5750 Computer Software Safe, from Sentry Safe Company, is designed to protect diskettes from fire and theft. The safe will hold forty eight-inch diskettes.

In actual tests, the safe was exposed to temperatures up to 1700° F. and the interior remained below 125° F. There was no loss of data. The safe can hold 5V4-inch diskettes, microfiche, and tapes as well. It has a 4-inch locking bolt, three-number combination, and comes with a three year warranty. For more details contact the distributor, Value-tique Inc., Dept EDP-58, P.O. Box "B", Leonia, NJ 07605.

Color Monitor

The CB-141 color composite monitor, from Roland DG, is designed to give full color graphics at an affordable price. The unit

74 Basic Computing

Color monitor measures 14 inches deep and its display size is 9:3/4 inches horizontal by 6% inches vertical. A standard RCA pin connector easily attaches to the back of the monitor making it adaptable to most computer systems.

The CB-141 features high clarity, built-in speaker and audio amplifier, and a headphone jack. It can also be used with a video recorder for home or professional use. Retail price is $399. For more information contact Roland DG, 7200 Dominion Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90040 (213) 685-5141.

Intelligent Disks

A new line of high-quality disks, called Intelligent Disks™, with unique sensors which can warn users when a disk has been exposed to excessive humidity or temperature, has been introduced by Omni Resources, Inc.

The disks can help detect conditions that may lead to a loss of data. One sensor changes color at 120 degrees F. and the other gradually changes from blue to red in a range of eight to 80 percent humidity. Suggested retail price for a box of ten SSDD disks is $52.50 and they are available from retailers who carry the Omni line of materials. For more information contact Omni Resources, Inc., 50 Howe Avenue, Milbury, MA 01527.

TRS-80 Data Files

Wayne Green Publications Group has announced a new book entitled Introduction to TRS-80 Data Files, a beginner's guide to writing a database manager. Included in the text is disk containing all programs used in the text. The author, John D. Adams, covers both sequential and random access methods and develops several mailing list i i

Intelligent disks programs. Instructions are given for modifying the programs for either Model I or Model III use. The package sells for $24.95 and is available from WGBooks, Peterborough, NH 03458.

Multiple Client Accounting

CASP is a client accounting software package for the public accounting profession. THe system is written in COBOL and runs on the Models II, 12, and 16. CASP includes a multiple-client general ledger with integrated payroll. User-defined report generation permits printing of letter quality client financial statements with full disclosure, formatted according to the accountant's specifications. Complete payroll reporting includes quarterly 941 and state unemployment reports.

Price is $1,000. The program may be upgraded to a multi-user Model 16 system. A 45-day trial diskette with documentation is $50 (COBOL run-time package is required), applied against purchase. For more information contact David Ray, CPA, 1301 Northwest Highway, Suite 210, Garland, TX 75041 (214) 840-9531.

Four-Color Ballpoint Pen Plotter

Ricoh of America, Inc. has introduced the GP-1, a new four-color ballpoint pen plotter for business and personal computers. It has a printing speed of up to 120 mm per second and can print in black, red, blue, and green ballpoint or felt-tip pen type. It features 26 plotter

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Four-color plotter Model 100 software commands and an oil pen that lasts 1000 meters. {

The GP-1 can use a variety of paper types, including 10-inch wide, sprocket-driven roll paper, 8x11-inch overhead transparencies and 8x11-inch sheet paper. For more information contact Ricoh of America, Inc., 20 Gloria Lane, Fairfield, NJ 07006 (201) 575-9550.

The Enigma Machine

Powersoft's new program, Enigma, is a text encryption program for the Models I/III/4in. By using a two-key encryption method, it can be used to exchange encrypted data from one TRS-80 user to another. The program is useful to those seeking data security as well as single users interested in cryptology. The program comes with a $250 reward for the first person to decode Powersoft's encrypted message that comes with it. For more information contact Powersoft, 11500 Stemmons Fwy., Suite 125, Dallas, TX 75229 (214) 484-2976.

Cassette Backup System

The Beta-DTS allows for automatic backup of diskette material to cassette. One megabyte of material can be saved on one C-60 cassette. The device will give exact and complete copy of a diskette's contents. Retrieval of a diskette from taped media is also automatic, including formatting. The Beta-DTS comes with a self-booting operating system diskette and manual. Minimum hardware requirements are a 32K TRS-80 Model I or III, cassette recorder, and one disk drive. The Beta-DTS, which sells for $109.95 (Model I), $113.95 (Model III), plus $3.50 s/h, can save money by avoiding having to purchase a second disk drive. For more information contact Beta Enterprises, Inc., 14049 Settlement Acres Dr., Cleveland, OH 44142.

Model 100 Software

American Micro Products, Inc. has introduced a full line of Model 100 software. They have programs for electronic spreadsheets with various templates, a portfolio analysis program for stock analysis that can automatically retrieve data from the Dow Jones News Retrieval Service, an income property analysis program, a statistical curve fitting and plotting program, a histogram and bar chart program, a generalized equation solving program, and a RPN calculator program for those who prefer to use the RPN method for calculations. The company also offers a FORTH language for use on the Model 100 that implements the 79 standard of the assembly-like programming language. The packages are priced from $29.95 to $99.95. For more information contact American Micro Products, 705 North Bowser, Richardson, TX 75081 (214) 238-1815.

Inventory Control

Retail Inventory Control Professional System manages up to 3500 stock items with a fast disk sort, rapid execution, writes invoices, discount invoices, orders stock, and posts sales. It also features search, editing, and space recovery on terminated stock items. Printed reports consist of complete stock listings, listings by prefix, out of stock items, below reorder line, and listings by vendor. The program, for the Models I/III/4m, is priced at $148. For more information contact Freeman Software, 334 Fieldside

Micro disk drive

CoCo Database Manager

Elite-File™ is a relational database manager, with full editing and report generation, for 32K Color Computers with Disk BASIC. The program can handle up to 2,000 characters per record, up to 4,000 records per file, up to 16 files open at one time, up to 255 characters per field name, and up to 255 fields per record. The program is menu-driven and uses single keystroke commands. Records are edited with a full-screen, type-over editor. Sorting can be on any field, in ascending or descending order. Math operations and formulas are supported and totals can be printed. Field definitions can be copied from file to file. Data files can span disk drives. Retail price is $74.50 plus $2 s/h. For more information contact Elite Software, P.O. Box 11224, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

Micro Disk Drive

MPI has introduced two new 3y4-inch microfloppy disk drives that use a standard 5V4-inch interface. The Model 321 is single sided one-half megabyte and the Model 322 is a double sided one megabyte floppy drive. Both machines are small (1.625"H x 4.0"W x 5.5"D), have a mean time between failure of 12,000 hours, head access time of six milliseconds, and are plug compatible with standard double-sided, double-density, 96tpi, 5y4-inch drives. Media format is 80 tracks per side, 140 tpi. The Model 321 sells for $155 and the Model 322 sells for $190. For more information contact contact local MPI dealerships.

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