Dove Software


a WORD PROCESSING system for the TRS-80 MODEL 4

Designed to get 1 & 2 page letters or a resume out in a snap! You can also edit or create JCL files. Uses TRSDOS spooling and even does right margin justification. Program comes ready to work with a DMP-100 and a DWP-210 printer. Best of all the program is written entirely in BASIC and is unprotected, thus change the print routine if necessary to be compatible with any printer or add your own special routines! The 23 page user manual and the diskette is sold at an incredible price of $27. Ohio residents please add 6% sales tax for a total of $28.62. Write for additional information if desired. Send order payable to: DOVE SOFTWARE P.O. BOX 892 Maumee, OH 43537-0892

TRS-80 is a trademark of Tandy Corp


Power and flexibility for all your payroll needs from 5 employees to an accounting firm with 40 payrolls

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