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If you care about TIME, you need Clone. Why did you buy your computer? If you are like us, you need your computer to save you time, You follow proper programming procedures and backup everything twice. THIS TAKES TIME! If you use more than one disk operating system, IT TAKES TIME. At the end of our programming day we have at least 8 disks to backup twice. With the disk backup utilities that came with our disk operating systems, formatting and verifying that many disks could take 64 minutes, not to mention the amount of time that it took to initialize and answer the opening inquiries for the various disk operating systems we use. Now we use the Clone duplication system and the entire process takes less than 23 minutes. Clone is so reliable at verifying that we never worry about having a bad duplication. We are sure you know that a disk which has not been properly verified might cause problems you would not detect for months. Clone is so advanced that passwords, densities or different disk operating systems don't affect its efficient operation. Clone is so flexible that we are also able to duplicate Atari 400, Atari 800, TRS-80 Color Computer as well as TRS-80 Model 1ยป III, or IV disks. Clone is so sophisticated that if it encounters a damaged disk and is unable to read it, you can ask it to keep trying, take it's best guess, or give up. Most backup utilities just give up. Clone's error messages will explain exactly what the trouble is. Finally, Clone IS FAST! It takes just 1 minute 25 seconds to format, duplicate, and verify a disk that used to take us 4 minutes to complete.

We are sure that everyone who owns a TRS-80 Model I, III, or IV would benefit from owning the Clone duplication system. Clone will become an indispensable part of your programing library. Unlike copying utilities. Clone will have a lasting usefulness which is not dependent on any other program's availability. That is why we at Gibberman Enterprises are proud to offer you Clone I for TRS-80 Model I or Clone III for TRS-80 Model III or IV.


James Schoengarth Marketing Director Gibberman Enterprises

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