Maxi Manager II has been designed to serve you, whatever your data management needs. Inventory, mail list management, client records, bibliographies, statistics, professional records, library files, customer data, and more are easily accomodated. In-

terfield mathematical functions let you perform sophisticated calculations.

In addition, you may change the size of your data base at any time by adding or subtracting fields, or changing field length WITHOUT reentering all your data!

HARD DISK COMPATIBLE Maxi Manager II is designed to make efficient use of hard disk storage systems, running either the LDOS or DOSPLUS operating system. And because Maxi Manager II allows "named" files, you can store several Data Bases and other files and programs on a single disk (floppy or fixed). Switch quickly from one Data Base to another with a selection from the main

EXPAND YOUR DATA HORIZONS! Maxi Manager II expands your horizons with up to 60 characters per field and 50 fields per record, for a maximum record size of 800 characters. The Maxi Manager II data entry video display is user-formatted. Graphics characters can be mixed with text, and you decide where each field appears.

FASTER PROCESSING Maxi Manager II is much faster than its predecessor. Full-screen displays, the Multiple Filter Search function, and all other searches are speedier, thanks to new machine language modules. And with the aid of ProSoft's FASTER program, overall speed has been increased by 20 to 30 percent. Finally, the edit function now uses a non-destructive cursor, speeding up your changes.

A DOS DELIGHT! If you use and enjoy the sophisticated features of DOSPLUS and LDOS, you won't have to give them up when using Maxi Manager II. High Memory drivers (as large as 950 bytes) may now be used as well as DOS keyboard drivers.

EASIER ACCESS TO YOUR DATA New features make printing out reports, labels, and sophisticated "non-

form" letters easier. Maxi Manager is now directly compatible with Newscript, Lazy Writer, SuperScripsit, and Scrip-sit.

In addition, you can now transfer data to VisiCalcâ„¢. Large mailing list users will appreciate the new multiple mailing list module which permits the use of four-up Cheshire labels.

KERNAL PROGRAMS Two Kernal programs (included) allow selective retrieval of data from Maxi Manager II files. This allows you to create significant new application programs without having to worry about file management.

FULL MANUFACTURER SUPPORT The Business Division stands behind Maxi Manager II with a technical staff ready to assist you. A newsletter is

available to keep you informed of enhancements and new products. And you can communicate directly with us and other Maxi Manager II users with our electronic bulletin board service. (305) 869-1516, 300/1200 baud, after 4:30 pm EST.

> i readers' choice

> i readers' choice

Maxi Manager, the predecessor of Maxi Manager II, was voted Model I/III DATA BASE MANAGER OF THE YEAR by the readers of 80 Micro. Maxi Manager II is even better!

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