Put K CPM in your

TRS-80 Model III and tap into

2,000 business progr.

Now you can run programs such as WordStar, dBASE II, SuperGalc, MailMerge and virtually thousands of other CP/M-based programs on your TRS-80 Model III.

CP/M 2.2 is the industry standard operating system that gives you access right now to over 2,000 off-the-shelf business programs. *

Our plug-in Shuffleboard III comes with 16K of RAM, giving your Model III the power of full 64K CP/M 2.2 without interference of the ROM or video memory. In fact, the Shuffleboard will appear transparent in the TRS-80 mode and will not interfere with any DOS operation.

READ and WRITE Osborne, Xerox and IBM personal computer software plus many more popular formats.

Unfortunately, there is no standardized CP/M format for 5Va " diskettes. But we have developed a way to READ/WRITE and RUM standard programs under the following single-sided formats: Osborne 1 S/D, Xerox 820 S/D, IBM PC* D/D for CP/M 86 only, Superbrain D/D, Kapro II D/D, HP 125 D/D and TeleVideo D/D.

•Will Read and Write Only.

Easy plug-in installation.

It's so simple. The Shuffleboard 111 plugs into two existing sockets inside your Model III. There are no permanent modifications, no cut traces and no soldering. You'll be up and running in minutes.

Introductory price of

New Products.

80 x 24 VIDEO BOARD: Features dual intensity screen, programmable cursor control for block, underline & blink rate, on-board bell with audible keyclick, battery-operated real time calendar/clock, ful ASCII character set plus 256 special character graphics, dual RS-232 outputs and composite video output.

FLOPPY DISK CONTROLLER: Now you can access 5lA " and 8" floppy disk drives in any combination up to 4 drives of S/D density, S/D sided. Tap into a wealth of CP/M software which comes on 8" IBM 3740 format or Pickles & Trout CP/M for the Model II.

SOFTWARE: Additional CP/M software programs are available. Call or write for details.

OEM and DEALER inquiries invited.

Introductory price of

The Shuffleboard III comes fully burned-in and tested complete with 64K CP/M 2.2 and MBASIC 80 interpreter, plus software manuals and a first class user's manual — with a 1-year limited warranty and 15-day no-risk free trial — for only $299.

See the Shuffleboard III at your dealer's now.

Once you see what the Shuffleboard can do for your Model III you'll want one at once. If your dealer does not yet stock the Shuffleboard have him give us a call. Or send check, money order, VISA or MASTERCARD number (sorry, no COD s) plus $5 shipping per board ($17 outside the USA & Canada)* directly to the address below. Cal. residents please add sales tax. Credit card purchases can be phoned in directly and we'll ship from stock. (415) 483-1008

•Air mail shipments to Canada & all other countries.

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