The Color Accountant

All programs are menu-driven and allow add change delete. Also, all files and statements can be listed to screen or printer, and saved to cassette or diskette. The cost of THE COLOR ACCOUNTANT is 75 for cassette and 80 for diskette. This package requires I6K except lor the ATARI 400 800 which requires 24K for cassette and 32K lor diskette. THE COLOR ACCOUNTANT also comes with 40 pages of documentation. I I Programmer's Program I 'Year Subscription I Color Accountant I I 'A Year Subscription Type of Computer I I Trial Issue ATARI, IRS-80, and APPLE arc trademarks ol the Atari, Tandy, and Apple Corp. The Programmer's Program, I RC . Appletrec, Magatan, and The Color Accountant arc trademarks of the Programmer's Institute. _

Software For Financial Management

We make it easy Plus Accounting Software Packages are menu-driven for easy and confident operation. Our extensive documentation for installation and operation is easy to understand. And, Plus is easy to buy, we are amazingly inexpensive. The Plus technical support package with our 800 number hot-line makes it easy to stay up-to-date and informed. Select a package for a specific application, or get the total system. You can be sure your professionally-designed Plus Accounting Software Package will provide efficient, cost-effective financial management for your most demanding needs. Make a sound business decision today make your financial control and planning management a Plus. We speak your language. PLUS FINANCIAL AND ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE PACKAGES AVAILABLE

Household Accounts Under Newdos

Many thanks indeed for the free software pack. I was particularly interested in the Home Accounting Software Package and on trying to run it on my Model 1 first up found one not so obvious 'bug' in the program for which I received the error message Syntax error in line 8 but after listing out the program discovered the actual problem lay in line 250 and that in fact there was no line 8 After trying to edit line 250 I discovered that it actually extended beyond 250 characters and so I had to cut out some of the unnecessary spaces. Line 250 lists the main menu of the accounting program (options 1 to 8). After making that correction the program worked fine. So I feel if others are having trouble debugging it this may help to put them on the right track. Actually in the end I had to retype the whole of line 250 again which reads

Computer Customer Service

First, I would like to explain what TRS-Xenix is and what is meant by multi-processing multi-user. TRS-Xenix is derived from the powerful UNIX operating system developed by Bell Laboratories. UNIX has been extensively field-tested for the past decade and has demonstrated outstanding performance under heavy workloads. The TRS-Xenix core is a derivative of this powerful UNIX system. The core comes with only those modules needed to run the current application software such as the Model 16 COBOL Accounting Software and Multiplan, but it can be enhanced with the purchase of the Development System which adds about 250 additional modules to the system. The development system with the powerful C language is for advanced programmers developing multi-user software but also contains many other powerful features such as an on-line UNIX reference manual, system maintenance, system status information, electronic mail, spelling dictionary with over 20,000 words, text editors, a sort utility,...

Business Micro Library

Professionally developed and field-tested business and accounting software for your *TRS-80 Model I or II from the acknowledged leader in micro-business systems. Stores client's entire asset list and prints out his complete yearly depreciation schedule. Ltets are updatable as required. A must for the busy accountant or tax practitioner.

Mr Smith Buys a House and Visi Calc Helps Him Select the Best Financing

The hour had come for Smith to buy a house. Not only had the accountant pointed out certain tax advantages, but Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith had both come to the conclusion that before long they would be needing a bit of extra room. In only a few moments and after a few questions, she was able to print out for Smith a detailed mortgage amortization for several different financing situations and price levels. Smith could take that print out to his accountant and discuss alternatives in a reasonable fashion.

Small Business Accoutingpc

This sales-based accounting package Is designed for the non-accountant oriented businessman. It also containi the flexibility for the accounting oriented user to set up a double entry Journal with an almost unlimited chart of accounts. Includes Sales Entry, transaction driven Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Journal Entry, Payroll Disbursement, and Record Maintenance programs. System outputs Include Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Customer and Vender status Reports, Accounts Receivable and Payable Aging Reports, Check Register, Sales Reports, Account Status Lists, and a Journal Posting List.

Help Who To Call When You Need Help

But there is more to CitiLine than convenience. There are special advantages in using CitiLine for both personal and business purchases. If your personal computer is used for both personal and business purposes and you want to take advantage of the tax credits open to you, you will need itemized records of each purchase. (For more information about tax regulations regarding personal computers and permissible deductions, contact your accountant or local IRS representative.) Itemized records are also essential if your Radio Shack purchases are for your own business or for your employer. The monthly CitiLine statement provides an itemized list of purchases. By using CitiLine for all your Radio Shack and computer purchases, you can keep other credit accounts open for different activities such as travel expenses, clothing, household goods, etc.

Full Bit Processing Power In An Office Machine

The operating software and BASIC interpreter support graphics commands such as DRAW, BOX, PAINT, 16 INDEPENDENT WINDOWS, LABELS, WHILE AND WEND AND MANY OTHER POWERFUL STATEMENTS. The operating system and interpreter reside in RAM so no system disk is required after boot-up thus making a single disk system viable. Olivetti is fully supporting the M20 with a wide and ever increasing range of applications software. Available immediately is the OLIBIZ suite of accounting programs -written in Australia, MULTIPLAN financial planning, ISAM file handling utility and a wide range of scientific and engineering sub-routines, which have been thoroughly tested on earlier Olivetti systems. Releases scheduled over the remainder of 1982 include OLIWORD word processor, OLIENTRY data handler, OLISORT high speed sorting routine and an Editor Assembler. If you require an up-to-date powerful super-fast and well supported computer for your business, then you should seriously consider the OLIVETTI M20.

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SWAP Willing to swap Mod III 4 software (and buy if may be) MMMS Forth79, Sota Fig Forth, Howe Diagnostic, Formation, etc. for APL, Pascal, Home Accountant, Videotex Plus, Profile Plus for Model III, and T.K.Solver, Adv. Stat Statistics, Cobol and Cobol Query for Model 4. R. Yves Breton. C.P. 95, Stn. Place D'Armes Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 3E9

Source Code Included

Because the dBase Source Code is included with all SBT Accounting Software, you can add a special part number system or change a report format at will the possibilities are endless. You get control and flexibility that's crucial to a well run business What's more, every SBT Accounting Program can change and grow with your needs. You can make the changes yourself, or SBT will do it for you quickly and inexpensively.

Powerbyte Software

Which TRS-80* Accounting Software Do Buy That's a tough question. I know, I asked it myself not very long ago. I'm Mike Motta. As president of Shawmut Systems, specialists in TRS-80* custom software, my customers were asking me for Model II and 16 Accounting Software GL, AR, AP and Payroll. But I said Why write the software. There must be a good package already available. So I searched for the best I could find. And I found it Now, when I tell you that these are the best Accounting programs I've seen on a microcomputer, you probably think that you are just listening to another sales pitch. But you're not. You're listening to a businessman with over twenty years combined experience in sales, management, and programming. So when I say that these programs will work for you, it really means something. Model 11 16 Accounting Software Packages


After you have MEMSYS up and running on your favorite operating system, try putting a data disk in drive one, a data disk in drive zero, and copying files, one at a time, between disks. Who says you need three drives Sure it's nice to have that many drives, but we don't all need this much storage. If you're running NEWDOS, there will still be a short delay before any CMD function is executed. NEWDOS still must move BASIC and its pointers up against the bottom of the MEMSYS system before it can execute the DOS command. Try running some of the Radio Shack accounting software and see how much faster it runs. We haven't done any benchmark tests, but we noticed that disk accesses seem to be almost instantaneous. In many cases where disk accesses were formerly required, they now operate without any delay. A new freedom from the confines of DOS are now available to you.

Likely Cause Cure

When you have familiarized yourself with the TRS-XENIX Multi-User Operating System, you will then be ready to add user accounts to the system and begin using the system for applications software. Many of the Radio Shack accounting software packages are already available for installation on the multi-user system. Of course your local Radio Shack Computer Center will have a complete, up-to-date list of the software available.

Dti Payroll

DATA TRAIN'S many years of small business computer experience in accounting program products brings to your business all of the quality features, functions, screen displays, standard reports, user designed reports and operator reference manuals allowing you to efficiently manage the payroll of your company.

Publishers Exchange

The programs require no previous computer experience and are menu-driven and error trapped. The programs may be used alone or in conjunction with optional accounting programs. They are designed to be used from data off of standard point-of-sale registers, no need for any equipment modification.


Agriculture General Ledger system is designed in accordance with accepted accounting practices. This means that the statements produced by this system are in a format that will be recognized and accepted by a banker, an accountant, or other people that may require access to your financial records. TRANSACTION is a farm management tool, based on a single-entry accounting system, which allows quick and easy entry of accounting information by non-accountants. Checks may be printed at the same time the transaction is posted. The program can generate cash and accrual income statements.

Pacific Exchanges

The year 1981 is fast coming to a close. For accountants this is especially significant It is projection time. Needless to say, projection time is always quite valuable but this year the passage of the Tax Act of 1981 has created unique situations. The mechanics of the law and the effect of taxable income have received wide publicity. Woe to the accountant who fails to advise clients of possible benefits or pitfalls Because taxpayers will never get data to the accountant on time, we still have to process an enormous amount of information in a very short time. The best use of microcomputers in the tax preparation process is in the data entry phase. Of all data processing devices currently available, micros are least capable of handling large volumes of printing and processing. The average configuration is usually equipped with slow speed disk storage and character printers. Even a fast character printer has rates under 100 lines per minute.


Prices apply at participating Radio Shack stores and dealers. MS and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp. Tl is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments, Inc. COMPAQ ia a trademark of COMPAQ Computer Corp PFS is a registered trademark of Software Publishing. Multiplan is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. MultiMate is a trademark of Softword Systems Inc' dBase II is a trademark of AshtonTate. MAI Basic Four is a trademark of Management Assistance. Inc. The Home Accountant Plus is a trademark of Continental Software. Home Accountant Games

Accounts Receivable

Our accountant uses this to prepare his own billing, however, the best use of this program would be a company that normally bills most of it's customers on a flat rate monthly basis such as a small garbage company or a small leasing company. Each control Is set up on a pair of diskettes and can handle 328 accounts. A disk record is maintained of the last 18 transactions per customer. Each customer is assigned an account number by the machine when first entered. Customer lists can be listed in alphabetical order or in order of account number. Bills are printed on plain white tractor feed paper (not preprinted) and take 55 seconds per bill to print (average). Accounts with a zero balance do not print. Accounts can be deleted when no longer needed. Sorts are done quickly except when initially entering a name into the system. We feel that a little time taken at the beginning is well worth the speed thereafter. Posting is rapid but one has the chance to correct errors. At the end of each...


Yes -1 do have a PC an Amstrad PPC640D. It was the first affordable laptop on the market - something I desperately needed for my work as a peripatetic accountant. I would dearly have loved to stick with my familiar Model 4(lll) using 'Trader , 'Time Recording System , 'TRS Incomplete Records System , Visicalc, AIDS III, SuperScripsit, etc., but the sheer weight defeated me.

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Professional Data Corp., 6449 Goldbranch Road, Columbia, SC 29206, announces new Estate planning software for the TRS-80 Models I, II and III. Written by an estate planning attorney for use in a law office, accountant's office, life insurance agency or bank trust department, Estax 81 will project estate taxes for a husband and wife under the new Economic REcovery Tax Act of 1981 for eight different marital deduction arrangements, completing all computations in less than 60 seconds. At least one disk drive, TRSDOS and 48K of RAM is required. Price is 295.00. An operations manual is provided.

Computer Specialists

I have modified WORDSTAR from MICROPRO to operate on this system and have just completed modification to WORDMASTER to work as a replacement for CP M's ED.COM to allow full screen editing without the printing features of WORDSTAR. I have been able to run the Osborne accounting systems in addition to other software programs that I have written. Conversion was not difficult. My company has its own business accounting software and, due to this modification, have markets in THREE areas - (1) TRS-80 and (2) CP M normal for both 8 and 5 1 4 drives and (3) TRS-80 CP M such as sold by FMG Corporation and LIFEBOAT Associates. This CP M is NOT compatible with the normal programs on the market and can only work with machine language programs modified to work above the ROM in the Radio Shack unit. I have found that the disks formatted by my system are readable by a MODEL II that is using CP M 2.0. An additional utility program now released by OMIKRON is a program to take...